Density Meter For Petroleum Samples: DMA 4200 M

At last there is a density meter which can measure all of your petroleum samples, including crude oil, intermediate products, asphalt, liquefied petroleum gas and high-viscosity liquids: the new DMA 4200 M. This new instrument extends the renowned DMA M range of density meters from Anton Paar and builds on almost 50 years of experience in density measurement.

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  • New CU-Boulder Technology Could Make Treatment And Reuse Of Oil And Gas Wastewater Simpler, Cheaper

    Oil and gas operations in the United States produce about 21 billion barrels of wastewater per year.

  • ExxonMobil 2014 Reserves Replacement Totals 104 Percent

    Exxon Mobil Corporation announced today it replaced 104 percent of its 2014 production by adding proved oil and gas reserves totaling 1.5 billion oil-equivalent barrels, including a 162 percent replacement ratio for crude oil and other liquids.

  • Agenda Officially Released For CLEAN PACIFIC 2015

    Sessions for the CLEAN PACIFIC Conference & Exhibition, taking place June 16-18 in Vancouver, British Columbia, have been finalized.  The focus of CLEAN PACIFIC will be the shift in crude transportation and the effects it has on spill response.  Crude transportation by rail, pipeline and barge has dramatically increased in the West.  CLEAN PACIFIC’s educational sessions will address preparedness and response planning efforts for this rapidly growing inland crude movement in the West.

  • HB Installs Temporary Living-Quarter Complex Offshore Trinidad And Tobago

    HB Rentals, a Superior Energy Services company specializing in onsite accommodation services, announced recently the installation of an end-to-end package for BHP Billiton, consisting of offshore accommodation modules and operating essentials for water, sewage, power and lighting.

  • Alaska LNG Project Draft Resource Reports Filed With FERC

    A series of draft environmental and socioeconomic reports for the Alaska LNG Project has been submitted to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), which is responsible for conducting the environmental review of the project.

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CTI Industries

CTI Industries

CTI Industries, Inc. is a service company that specializes in the restoration of condensers and heat exchangers...

McCrometer, Inc.

McCrometer, Inc.

McCrometer is a global leader in providing flow measurement solutions including differential pressure (DP), electromagnetic, and propeller technologies. McCrometer’s flow measurement solutions are found in thousands of installations worldwide, including the Oil/Gas industry where the company participates in all industry segments. With its exceptionally precise and robust differential pressure (DP) flow measurement technology, McCrometer’s flow meters are ideal for the rugged conditions and demanding operating environment of the oil/gas industry. From production to refining to pipelines, McCrometer has a broad installed flow meter customer base worldwide. The company’s V-Cone® and Wafer-Cone® Flow Meter conforms to API 22.2 and meets the industry’s most stringent safety standards.

Veolia Water Technologies

Veolia Water Technologies

Veolia Water Technologies offers comprehensive water and wastewater solutions for industrial and municipal customers. With unique technologies and process expertise, Veolia specializes in engineering, design, and project management, construction and execution

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