Article | October 13, 2011

69 Bores Completed On Pipeline Project

The Green Pipeline — a project of Texas-based oil and gas company Denbury Resources Inc. — is designed to carry 800 million cu ft of CO2 per day for use in enhanced oil recovery.

The pipeline transverses many difficult stretches of geography while making its way from South Louisiana to Galveston, Texas. Large rivers, creeks, wetlands and major highways dot the landscape, along with a number of cities and towns. The route includes portions of the Atchafalaya Basin, home to the Louisiana Black Bear, an endangered and threatened animal, and crosses Interstate 10 —twice.

To avoid as many environmental and logistical issues as possible during the installation process, the pipeline design engineers recognized that the quickest, safest and least disruptive way was to drill horizontally under and around those problem areas.

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