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03.19.14 -- Assessing Key Unconventional Shale Wastewater Trends And Opportunities

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  Highly precise and non-contacting, the Thermo Scientific™ DensityPRO Series and LevelPRO Series of gauges ensure measurement of process materials in challenging industrial conditions. Featuring sources that are up to 50% smaller than previous generation gamma ray gauges, the new gauges require less lead shielding and have lower cost of ownership. For additional safety and reliability, both gauges are certified by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) for safe operation in case of shock, vibration and earthquake.
Featured Articles
Pressure Activation Device Technology For Downhole Applications
By Fike Corporation
A common problem in oil and gas drilling, completion, and production is the failure of proper activation on downhole tools. These failures can result in lost productivity, safety issues, and significant cost to fix the problem. As wells continue to be drilled deeper, encountering higher pressures and temperatures, it is more critical than ever for correct tool activation.
Optimized Performance For Produced Water Filtration
By Pentair Oil & Gas Separations
For a major global oil and gas producer in central Wyoming, elevated solids in the 25,000 bbl/day of produced water led to erosion in the high-pressure injection pumps, resulting in high costs and excessive maintenance. Pentair Separation Systems successfully optimized the produced water filtration across the entire production site with VMAX coreless element technology, resulting in a total realized savings of over $200,000.
Ballast Water Treatment Design Demonstrates Efficacy On Tank Ships
By Severn Trent De Nora
Ballast water is the most frequently cited cause of the introduction and transfer of non-indigenous species (NIS) into waterways. Ballast water management strategies, coupled with stringent regulation, aim to prevent, reduce, or eliminate the transfer of harmful aquatic organisms and pathogens through the control and management of ships' ballast water and sediments.
Reduce Costs And Improve Emissions Compliance
By Rich Cada, Fox Thermal Instruments Inc.
Although manufacturers have made significant improvements in process heating efficiency, the total energy use for process heating is expected to increase. Accurate, repeatable measurement of air and process gases with thermal mass flow meters is key to improving accountability and energy-management processes.
Featured Downloads
Sustainable Water Management For Upstream Oil And Gas
The exploration and production processes of oil and gas are highly complex and capital-intensive. VWS Oil & Gas provides sustainable management solutions for handling and treating produced water.
Siemens Zimpro Wet Air Oxidation
Wet oxidation is the oxidation of soluble or suspended components in an aqueous environment using oxygen as the oxidizing agent. When air is used as the source of oxygen, the process is referred to as wet air oxidation (WAO).
Produced Water Treatment Systems Brochure
Extraction of heavy oil often involves the production of steam for injection into the formation (steam flooding, cyclic steam, SAGD). In order to minimize or eliminate the consumption of fresh water to feed steam generators, produced water is often treated and conditioned to a quality suitable for feed to a steam generator.
OPTISONIC 3400 Ultrasonic Flow Meter Brochure
The OPTISONIC 3400 multipurpose flow meter fits a broad range of process applications, such as general purpose/standard temperature, pressure, viscosity, cryogenic process temperatures as low as -200°C/-328°F, extended process temperatures up to +250°C/+482°F, and high-viscosity liquids up to 1000 cSt. A robust, fully welded construction with patented inert metal transducer technology provides maximum durability for critical processes.
Unconventional Resources In The News
Assessing Key Unconventional Shale Wastewater Trends And Opportunities
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