News | December 11, 2013

Clear Fork Royalty Begins Acquisition Of Pennsylvania & West Virginia Marcellus Shale Rights


Clear Fork Royalty is expanding into the northeast corridor through the acquisition of oil and gas mineral rights and royalties in the Marcellus Shale

Fort Worth, TX (PRWEB) For the first time, Clear Fork Royalty is expanding into the northeast corridor. Clear Fork is a Texas-based investment group which buys oil and gas royalties and mineral rights. Originally focused on investments in the Barnett Shale, Clear Fork has actively diversified their holdings, now owning rights in eighteen states. Those currently receiving royalty checks from natural gas companies may contact Clear Fork for a free evaluation as to the lump sum value of their rights.

“With the increase in supply, natural gas prices have been consistently falling, and market price is one of the main factors in the value of royalties. Adding that to increased government regulation and the prospect of increased taxation, now is an excellent time to sell,” says Joseph DeWoody, President of Clear Fork. Also, there are no signs to suggest natural gas prices will rise soon, considering increasing exploration and less than adequate pipeline infrastructure.

With over 100 years of executive experience, Clear Fork has developed a reputation within the industry. Considered a thought leader, Clear Fork insists on fair and transparent business practices which allow clients to feel at ease when considering a personal divestment. In addition, the company has developed a strategy which allows for efficient appraisals and transfers, all at no cost to the seller, maximizing customer satisfaction and guaranteeing an easy transaction.

Clear Fork Royalty
Clear Fork Royalty is an investment company that focuses on the acquisition of oil and gas royalties, mineral rights, and overriding royalty interests. The company’s team members have been in the industry for over 100 years and bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the acquisition process. Clear Fork Royalty owns oil and gas interests across the United States and is employs an efficient acquisition process that eliminates hassle and meets the seller’s needs.


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