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05.21.14 -- EPA Seeks Stricter Refinery Emissions Control, Monitoring

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ABB Launches New CoriolisMaster Flow Meter For System Integration With Modbus   ABB Launches New CoriolisMaster Flow Meter For System Integration With Modbus
ABB's new FCB100 features Modbus RS485 communication with two digital outputs for pulse, frequency and logic outputs. It is suitable for fast processes, as well as high accurate applications. Its low power consumption of 2W, and the fact that it can be operated with just 11VDC, makes this meter suitable for remote or battery powered installations.

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Featured Articles
Reduce Energy Costs And Enhance Emissions Monitoring Systems
By Rich Cada, VP sales and marketing, Fox Thermal Instruments, Inc.
The thermal mass flow meter's ability to deliver a direct reading of mass flow rates of air, natural gas, and other fuel gases provides a simple, reliable, and cost-effective method for tracking and reporting fuel consumption.
IDC: Using Information Intelligence To Improve Projects In The Energy Sector
By EMC Corporation
In this IDC Energy Insights white paper, sponsored by EMC, the author provides an overview of, and recommendations on, the management of the asset lifecycle, from planning all the way through to decommissioning. Systems and tools that support a project framework that can leverage information from a multitude of sources to drive decision-making are also discussed.
Measurement Solutions For Biodiesel Renewable Fuels Industry
By Endress+Hauser, Inc.
Endress+Hauser is one of the leading supporters of the growing ethanol and biodiesel renewable fuels industry. This paper describes some of the market drivers that are contributing to the strong global expansion of biodiesel production.
Increase Process Availability By Using Coriolis Mass Flow Meters
Entrained gas can disturb the sensitivity of mass flow measurement of liquids, decreasing accuracy, or even stopping measurement completely. New Coriolis mass flow meter technology has come on the market that ensures both stable and uninterrupted measurements with high gas content.
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Trusted Measurement Solutions For Offshore Oil And Gas Operations
ABB supplies an unparalleled selection of measurement solutions for use throughout all the stages of oil and gas production. From topside instrumentation to subsea wellhead flow meters, ABB's innovative products deliver cost-effective solutions that feature world-class performance.
Telemetry And Remote SCADA Solutions Brochure
Schneider Electric helps you face remote operation challenges with integrated end-to-end telemetry and remote SCADA solutions that improve safety and security. Leveraging a proven track record in a wide range of industries and expertise in the areas of instrumentation, control and data acquisition, wireless communication, and IT, Schneider Electric Telemetry and Remote SCADA Solutions can help make the most of your remote operations and assets.
ProveTec: Detects Flash Point At The Lowest Temperature
The automatic closed cup flash point tester PMA 5 detects the flash point at the lowest temperature corrected to a barometric pressure of 101.3 kPa, at which application of an ignition source causes the vapors of a specimen of a sample to ignite under specified conditions of test.
SMART pH Sensors And Instruments For Plug And Play Use
Linda Meyers explains how SMART pH sensors and instruments help customers solve challenges like calibrating sensors in remote locations where buffer solutions, beakers, and a rinse bottle must all be carried on-site, making it cumbersome and time-consuming.
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EPA Seeks Stricter Refinery Emissions Control, Monitoring
API Says Risks From Refinery Emissions Are Low Without New Regulations
Endress+Hauser Releases FMR5X Radar Level Transmitters
GE Launches Technology Collaboration Agreement With Mexican Petroleum Institute
Pulse Successfully Delivers Fatigue Monitoring System For Offshore Wind Farm
SKF TKDT 10 Enables Fast, Effective Temperature Measurement
VeriCal System For FCI Air/Gas Flow Meter Improves Performance, Reduces Maintenance
Concentric Releases Generation III Remote-Controlled Frac Manifold
  SCADAPack Smart RTUs combine the monitoring and communications capabilities of remote terminal units (RTU) with the processing power of programmable controllers (PLC/PAC), providing superior functionality wherever remote processes require automatic supervision and autonomous control. The product line is designed for use in environments with extreme temperatures and humidity, integrates easily with various field devices and networks, and operates under low or restricted power conditions. Learn more.