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02.19.14 -- Wastewater Treatment Edition

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Wastewater Treatment Edition
Featured Articles
Managing Refinery Wastewater With Wireless Analytical Measurements
By Emerson Process Management, Rosemount Analytical
API (American Petroleum Institute) separators are frequently used in the treatment of refinery wastewater that has been contaminated by oil and oil-bearing sludge. Separators use the difference in specific gravity to allow heavier liquids to settle below lighter liquids. The lighter liquid is skimmed off, while the heavier liquid remains behind.
Thermal Flow Meters Improve Wastewater Gas Monitoring
By Fox Thermal Instruments, Inc.
Wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) use large, heated digester tanks to remove and dispose of solid waste material. Here, bacteria break down the material, producing digester gas in the process. Methane is a primary component of anaerobic digester gas (ADG) and a large wastewater treatment plant can produce roughly one million cubic feet of this gas each day.
Granular Activated Carbon Membrane Bioreactor Advances Treatment Technology For Reuse Of Refinery Wastewater
By Siemens Energy, Inc. - Water Solutions
Saudi Aramco has adopted a policy of minimizing its extraction of groundwater and the use (and associated expense) of desalinated seawater for process water use. As an alternative, they are actively investigating sustainable methods and technologies that will allow wastewater reuse, either as cooling water makeup and/or boiler feed water. Typically, reverse osmosis treatment of biologically treated effluent is required for reuse; however, this leads to excessive organic fouling of reverse osmosis membranes due to recalcitrant COD remaining in the treated effluent.
Unique Solids Handling Technologies Enhance Offshore Sewage Treatment System
By Severn Trent De Nora
Since the January 1, 2010, implementation of the International Maritime Organization's (IMO's) MEPC.159(55) effluent discharge regulations, many marine and offshore oil and gas professionals are now more closely examining the various logistics of solids/sludge handling requirements associated with commercially available marine sewage treatment plants (STPs) in order to avoid potential health, safety, and environmental issues.
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Lowest Cost Disinfectant Per Log Kill
MIOX on-site chemical generators are capable of high treatment rates so you can recycle the most oil and gas water per day. Eliminate hydrogen sulfide, treat out SRBs and APBs, reduce iron that causes scale, and reduce chemicals on the road.
Ceramic Membranes Turn Produced Water Into A Resource
The process of fracking produces heavily contaminated wastewater, or produced water. This video shows how ceramic ultrafiltration membranes can treat produced water for reuse in future fracking operations, for irrigation, or for discharge to a receiving stream.
Wastewater Plant Struggles With Particulate Contamination
A plant in the southwest U.S. commissioning a wastewater plant utilizing proprietary technology for the removal of benzene, toluene, and xylene, or BTX was experiencing challenges with throughput and elevated operational costs due to the presence of particulate contaminants.
Instrumentation For The Water And Wastewater Industries
ABB has more expertise in water and wastewater applications globally than any other supplier. Based on this experience, we have refined and developed the performance of our portfolio of intelligent instrumentation products to ensure you get a solution that meets your precise requirements every time.
Wastewater Treatment News
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O&G, Electro-Chlorination Drives Wastewater Disinfection Market In India
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GE Evaporation Technology Recycles 99 Percent Of Produced Water
DOW Fine-Particle Filter Solves Difficult Wastewater Challenges In Europe
Alcoa And Bauer To Commercialize Natural Engineered Wastewater Treatment Technology
QUA Launches CeraQ Ceramic Membranes
HII Technologies Announces Strategic Alliance With Resource West Inc.
Acid Mine Drainage Reduces Radioactivity In Fracking Waste