Newsletter | July 16, 2014

07.16.14 -- N.Y. Court Strikes Blow Against Fracking; First-Of-Its-Kind Desalination

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Featured Articles
Texas Plant Saves $1M In Energy Costs
By Borja Blanco, senior VP, sales, Energy Recovery
Today, energy costs represent one-half of the total cost of oil and gas processing. By harnessing the wasted energy in your high-pressure environment, we can help you slash that cost by 25 percent, while significantly lowering your carbon footprint. And we have proof.
Pressure Activation Device Technology For Downhole Applications
By Fike Corporation
A common problem in oil and gas drilling, completion, and production is the failure of proper activation on downhole tools. These failures can result in lost productivity, safety issues, and significant cost to fix the problem. As wells continue to be drilled deeper, encountering higher pressures and temperatures, it is more critical than ever for correct tool activation.
Reduce Costs And Improve Emissions Compliance
By Rich Cada, Fox Thermal Instruments Inc.
Although manufacturers have made significant improvements in process heating efficiency, the total energy use for process heating is expected to increase. Accurate, repeatable measurement of air and process gases with thermal mass flow meters is key to improving accountability and energy management processes.
Condenser Restoration At Exelon's Schuylkill Station
By Kevin Shugrue, CTI Industries
In late 2007, CTI Industries was contacted to consider installing our full-length tube liners into the main condenser at Exelon's Schuylkill Station in Philadelphia, PA. The condenser at the Exelon Schuylkill Station is an older vintage CH Wheeler, two pass divided water box configuration with 16,500 tubes.
Featured Downloads
Produced Water Management With HRT
The oil and gas exploration industry is under pressure to address mounting water management challenges. Factors like limited resources at sites, water intensive unconventional plays, and excessive transportation and disposal costs all impinge on economics. An ever-changing regulatory environment combined with demands from the public sector for conservation and sustainability has put water management at the forefront of the industry.
Sustainable Water Management For Upstream Oil And Gas Brochure
The exploration and production processes of oil and gas are highly complex and capital-intensive. Production companies face several challenges, including safety, climate, geographical hazards, and environmental constraints, especially as difficult to access areas become increasingly attractive to develop.
OPTISONIC 3400 Ultrasonic Flow Meter Brochure
The OPTISONIC 3400 multipurpose flow meter fits a broad range of process applications, such as general-purpose/standard temperature, pressure, viscosity, cryogenic process temperatures as low as -200°C/-328°F, extended process temperatures up to +250°C/+482°F, and high-viscosity liquids up to 1000 cSt. A robust, fully welded construction with patented inert metal transducer technology provides maximum durability for critical processes. Download this brochure to learn how the OPTISONIC 3400 can effectively measure homogeneous conductive and nonconductive liquids in closed, completely filled pipeline circuits.
Siemens Zimpro Wet Air Oxidation
Wet oxidation is the oxidation of soluble or suspended components in an aqueous environment using oxygen as the oxidizing agent. When air is used as the source of oxygen the process is referred to as wet air oxidation (WAO).
Unconventional Resources In The News
New York Court Strikes Blow Against Fracking
First-Of-Its-Kind Desalination Plant Unveiled In Texas
GE Water CEO On Water Reuse, Fracking
Fracking Wastewater Restrictions Passed By Jersey State Legislature
Cintec Announces Portable Inflatable Tank For Use In Hydraulic Fracturing
Sethi Petroleum Evaluating Two Oil & Gas Joint Venture Projects In Williams, ND
Field Trial Validates Very Low Energy Usage Of OriginOil's Frack Water Cleanup Technology
Energean Oil & Gas Announces 10% Increase In Recoverable Oil Reserves At Gulf Of Kavala