Brochure | May 16, 2011

Pipeline Services

Source: CETCO Oilfield Services

CETCO Oilfield Services Pipeline Division provides many solutions to the pipeline industry for both onshore and offshore applications. Using patented technologies, specialized mobile equipment, and our highly trained personnel, we provide unique and cost effective service solutions to our clients.

CETCO's unique and innovative services and solutions afford our clients to clean or test the integrity of their transmission lines successfully while protecting their investments. Whether it is a hydrostatic test, a "pig" run, or a chemical cleaning project, we are there to handle effluents generated during on-line separation and/or filtration or hydrostatic test water treatment for on-site discharge.


  • Commissioning, Decommissioning & Abandonment/ Treatment of Pipeline Hydrostatic Testing Fluids
  • Pipeline Cleaning Effluent
  • Terminals and Tank Farms Cleanup
  • Separation
  • On-line Filtration or Pig Runs



  • Engineering design, process assurance, compliance, and reporting capabilities
  • Highly trained and experienced personnel
  • Large inventory of well maintained and well designed vessels and support equipment for both onshore and offshore applications
  • Total control. We provide everything required to completely control a pipeline's entire effluent


The types of services we offer vary significantly between liquid hydrocarbon products and gas pipelines. Regardless of the type of job, CETCO Oilfield Services can design a pipeline services package to meet all your needs.

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