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08.20.14 -- Special Edition: Innovative Technologies

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Innovative Technologies Edition
Flare And Combustor Gas Measurement: Applications, Regulations, And Challenges   Flare And Combustor Gas Measurement: Applications, Regulations, And Challenges
A convenient and easy to follow method of finding the right flow meter technology for flare and combustor gas flow measurement. Learn more.
Featured Articles
EPA's New Gas STAR Gold Program As Innovation Incubator
By Audrey Bold, Energy Recovery
The U.S. EPA rollout of their new gas STAR Gold program to supplement the successful, voluntary natural gas STAR program is an encouraging step towards reducing carbon impact. We knew the agency was planning to announce their new approach to reducing methane emissions, and what we heard in San Antonio at the Natural Gas STAR Annual Implementation Workshop was exciting, as it holds potential for the entire oil and gas value chain.
Slipstream Ballast Water Treatment Approach Makes Life Easier For Managers And Owners
By Severn Trent De Nora
Installation flexibility of an electrolytic ballast water treatment design is determined by its placement inline with the main ballast system or its ability to treat a portion of the ballast water volume to achieve discharge standards.
Lessons Learned With A Partial LPFW Re-Sleeving - Ameren
By CTI Industries
This paper references slide 12 of the slide presentation for explaining further the Ameren "5%-Rule" expected remaining service life criteria evaluation for the AmerenUE Labadie unit 4, 5A LP feedwater heater.
Coriolis Mass Flow Meters Take Center Stage For Bulk Measurement In Oil And Gas Industry
By Andre Verdone, KROHNE, Inc., business manager, Canada
Accurate measurement of liquids is important for all oil and gas industry production or consumption sites. This is especially true for bulk transfer devices where large volumes of products are being moved and must be monitored, including crude oil depots, gasoline and jet fuel tank farms, refineries, and even cruise line terminals.
Featured Downloads
High-Performance Liquid-Liquid Separation By Pentair
Liquid-liquid separation is the process of separating two immiscible liquids. Efficient liquid-liquid separation ensures product quality and water specifications, and eliminates numerous process issues. Pentair can separate two immiscible fluids with the specific gravity differences as low as 0.02 and deliver effluent concentrations lower than 5 parts per million.
Ceramic Membranes Turn Produced Water Into A Resource
The process of fracking produces heavily contaminated wastewater, or produced water. This video shows how ceramic ultrafiltration membranes can treat produced water for reuse in future fracking operations, for irrigation, or for discharge to a receiving stream.
SMART pH Sensors And Instruments For Plug And Play Use
Linda Meyers explains how SMART pH sensors and instruments help customers solve challenges like calibrating sensors in remote locations where buffer solutions, beakers, and a rinse bottle must all be carried on-site, making it cumbersome and time consuming.
Siemens Monosep High-Flow Walnut Shell Filtration System
Siemens Water Solutions offers a complete line of products to remove oily contaminants from water. Our Monosep high-flow walnut shell filter offers improved technology in walnut shell filtration.
Innovative Technologies In The News
Oil Company Buying Treated Effluent From Utilities For Fracking
Market Forecast To Add $2.5B To Market Size For Process Instrumentation
Revolutionary ion-Source Technology Receives Official Recognition
Modern Water Launches New Hydrocarbon Monitor
Koch Membrane Systems Provides PURON MBR Modules For Oil Refinery In Russia
Cintec Announces Portable Inflatable Tank For Use In Hydraulic Fracturing
Claxton Completes First Rigless Removal Of Stuck Bottom Hole Assembly
Dow TEQUATIC PLUS Fine Particle Filter Proves Effective For O&G, Desalination, More
  Process monitoring and telemetry operations at remote sites are commonly spread across a wide area with equipment being exposed to harsh environments, making access difficult. In comparison to capital costs, the installation, operation, and maintenance of these systems is often the most significant overall expense factor in the long term. With scalability, flexibility, and ease-of-use in mind, Schneider Electric™ Telemetry and Remote SCADA Solutions are tailored to help lower this total cost of ownership.
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