Brochure | June 24, 2011

Brochure: Vortex Separation Technologies

Source: Taylor Forge Engineered Systems, Inc.

Internals use the high-energy momentum of fluids to produce a high "G" force which sends the liquids and solids against the Vortex Tube wall and creates a sufficient P between liquid and gas to provide superior separation.

Separation of Gas/Oil/Water mixtures is traditionally accomplished by gravitational settling. Long separation periods of the liquids are the result of close densities and limited separation force. In many cases, the qualities of the separated components may not be as good as desired due to the characteristics of the oily fluid. In recent years Vortex Technology has become an effective and economical alternative.

Vortex Technology is available in two configurations: Vortex Clusters or Vortex Tubes.

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