Article | April 29, 2014

Your Top Ten Questions About Energy Recovery's Amine Processing Solutions


#1: What is the difference between the IsoBoost and IsoGen systems?

The IsoBoost system has a liquid phase turbocharger at its core and harnesses energy from pressure drops in one liquid process flow to boost the pressure in an adjacent flow. It recovers energy in acid gas treatment processes at up to 80% efficiency, increases productivity and profitability — and reduces carbon footprint. An IsoGen system is a standalone solution that converts hydraulic energy to electrical energy. With up to 85% efficiencies, the IsoGen is designed to replace existing throttle and flow control valves in industrial transmission and process flow applications where substantial pressure drops exist, such as in crude oil pipelines or in the gas sweetening process. The IsoGen System is a high efficiency turbo generator with maximum flexibility. Energy that is usually dissipated from these valves is efficiently converted to electricity that can be returned to the grid.

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