1. VIS Multiphase Flowmeter Brochure

    Multiphase flow meters (MPFM) can provide the same information and metering accuracy of test separators in a small-sized product with no time delay and a much lower investment cost.

  2. VIS Multiphase Flowmeter

    VIS is a high-performing yet compact multiphase flowmeter, tailored for wet gas applications and able to provide outstanding accuracy also in the most challenging operating regions.

  3. Petrochemical Refining Infosheet

    CAMO Software has worked with petrochemical refineries for many years. Our world-leading multivariate data analysis software can be used for process modelling, rapid analysis and early event detection.

  4. New Developments In Thermal Dispersion Mass Flow Meters

    This paper describes a newly developed microprocessor-based thermal dispersion mass flow meter that uses four temperature sensing elements in its flow sensor instead of the traditional two elements and automatically manages changes in gas selection, gas temperature, gas pressure, and outside temperature. By John G. Olin, Ph.D., Founder/Chairman, Sierra Instruments

  5. IsoBoost™ System Applications In Oil & Gas

    Over the past century, the practice of energy recycling has been built into industrial processes as a necessary step to minimize what would be otherwise wasted energy. Most are familiar with the concept of waste heat recovery, where heat that would have been dissipated and lost is returnedto manufacturing and industrial rocesses.

  6. IsoBoost™ System For Ammonia Production

    The IsoBoost™ system is designed as a solution that recycles pressure energy to drive plant uptime, increase productivity and surge profits.

  7. Unscrambler® X Hierarchical Model Development Module & Engine Brochure

    Hierarchical Modeling (HM) is the joining of a number of multivariate models using logic statements in order to arrive at a single, unique result. This is the classic logic tree or decision tree approach to systematically solve problems, where the analysis in one step is guided by the previous step.

  8. Unscrambler® X Hierarchical Model Development Module & Engine

    Improve modeling of complex data with powerful Hierarchical Modeling software. Our new software uses a powerful decision-tree approach which makes modeling of non-linear data more efficient and robust, by allowing Classification and Prediction models to be joined in a multi-level structure.

  9. Enterprise Solutions

    In today’s complex business environments, a one-size-fits-all approach often doesn’t work. CAMO Software’s enterprise solutions offer the unrivalled analytical power of multivariate analysis, tailored to fit seamlessly into a clients existing IT infrastructure and integrate with their current workflows and systems.

  10. 10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Cone Meters (But Really Should Find Out)

    Cone meters have been around for decades, since the mid-1980s. They are frequently confused with other technologies for a number of reasons. By Nick Voss, V-Cone® Product Manager, McCrometer, Inc.

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