1. World Water Week: Water Management Key Priority For International Oil And Gas Sector

    The global oil and gas industry association, IPIECA coordinated a session during World Water Week in Stockholm on water management within the sector from now to 2030.  

  2. VIS Multiphase Flow Meter

    Multiphase flow metering near production wells has become a key requirement for the oil and gas sector , removing the need for test separators, large vessels where the different phases are separated (mainly by gravity) and then measured through standard single-phase techniques. Conventional test separators are expensive, introduce delays due to the relevant processing times and have a large footprint that is especially troublesome in off-shore production sites.

  3. Multiphase Flowmeter VIS (Vega Isokinetic Sampling)

    VIS is a high-performing yet compact multiphase flowmeter, tailored for wet gas applications and able to provide outstanding accuracy also in the most challenging operating regions.

  4. Register for a Life Sciences User Group in Your Area
  5. An Oil And Gas Integrator

    Kevin Heller founded Blackrock Automation Ltd. in 2010 to provide advanced development, integration, service, and customer support for a variety of oil and gas applications in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and North Dakota. Blackrock have expertise in a broad selection of automation applications including DCSs, PLCs, RTUs, and HMI/SCADA software systems.

  6. SCADA And The Resource Play

    Painted Pony Petroleum Ltd. owns 140,000 acres of the Montney Resource Play in northeast British Columbia, Canada. This area is rich with high-quality liquefied natural gas (LNG) that can be easily exported via the nearby pipeline infrastructure. As part of their ambitious plan to develop this property, the company contracted Origin Industries Ltd. to develop a fully-featured SCADA interface for one of their remote compressor stations.

  7. PAT and Process Pulse II in Process Industries

    In the webinar experts from CAMO Software will discuss best practice approach to plan and implement a PAT strategy.

  8. Overcoming Deep Water Challenges For Enhanced Oil Recovery

    Maximizing oil recovery in offshore fields can require a myriad of enhanced oil recovery (EOR) techniques which can add complexity at subsea depths. In 2012, Petrobras was seeking to couple high pressure carbon dioxide (CO2) injection with other unconventional EOR techniques. While used extensively in onshore fields, offshore CO2 injection, especially in deep water developments, adds an extra level of complexity that had not previously been employed.

  9. MVA applied to Raman Spectroscopy

    This webinar will cover multivariate data analysis applied to Raman data.

  10. Multivariate Statistical Process Control and Batch Monitoring

    This webinar will cover the basic concepts in multivariate data analysis, with special emphasis on Process Control

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