1. 10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Cone Meters (But Really Should Find Out)

    Cone meters have been around for decades, since the mid-1980s. They are frequently confused with other technologies for a number of reasons. By Nick Voss, V-Cone® Product Manager, McCrometer, Inc.

  2. What Coal Technologies Will Meet the EPA’s New Carbon Rules?

    The EPA’s carbon reduction plan for power plants is getting a lot of press lately.  And the mechanical engineer in me makes me think about the actual technology involved. By Andrea Gains-Germain

  3. EPA’s New Gas STAR Gold Program As Innovation Incubator

    The U.S. EPA rollout of their new gas STAR Gold program to supplement the successful, voluntary natural gas STAR program is an encouraging step towards reducing carbon impact. We knew the agency was planning to announce their new approach to reducing methane emissions, and what we heard in San Antonio at the Natural Gas STAR Annual Implementation Workshop was exciting, as it holds potential for the entire oil and gas value chain. By Audrey Bold

  4. Flow And Level Measurement: 6 Essential Questions Answered

    Thermal dispersion excels as a no-moving-parts, no-routine-maintenance, highly reliable technology.  In flow metering, thermal dispersion’s application strengths include air/gas flow, wide turndown, direct mass flow measuring, and wide temperature and pressure service compatibility.

  5. In A Tightly Regulated Industry, Sunoco Logistics Uses Adept Engineering Document Management Software To Achieve More Accurate & Secure Information

    Sunoco Logistics purchased Adept to replace its first document management system that no longer could manage the company’s increasingly complex CAD files, versions and inter-relationships along with other non-CAD documents such as maps and images.

  6. Grace Under Pressure: Adept Document Management Helps Fuel Natural Gas Company’s Pipeline Modernization Plan

    Before CPG implemented a centralized drawing management system, the drawing requests were tedious. “All of our drawings were organized on the server in a particular folder by the facility and separated in additional folders by project,” says Reed. “So, in order to find a particular document you had to be familiar with the location on the server and then go into multiple project folders and start opening drawings in their native software to see if those were the files you were looking for.”

  7. In The Wake Of Disaster, Thru Tubing Systems, Inc Beats The Competition To The Punch With Adept Document Management

    Adept makes responding to customer demands a snap. TTS now uses Adept to track every part back to its material manufacturer. If a particular material has a defect, TTS can go into Adept and find all the parts made from that material. They can pull all the specifications for items tracked by serial number, lot number or material certification documents and get that information out to the customer right away to solve problems efficiently and effectively.

  8. Flare & Combustor Gas Measurement: Applications, Regulations And Challenges

    A convenient and easy to follow method of finding the right flow meter technology for flare and combustor gas flow measurement. By Rich Cada, VP Sales & Marketing, Fox Thermal Instruments, Inc.

  9. Viscosity Measurement And The World’s Insatiable Demand For Oil

    Three recent fiery derailments of trains transporting crude oil from the Bakken Shale formation in North Dakota have attracted the attention of the federal government as well as the petroleum industry. The U.S. Department of Transportation in February 2014 issued an emergency order requiring companies to test and accurately classify Bakken oil before shipping it by rail. The American Petroleum Institute plans to develop guidelines for testing the viscosity, corrosion, and vapor pressure of crude oil to ensure it is loaded only into railcars equipped with the appropriate safety features. By Tara S. Hundley

  10. L-Dens 427 Online Density Sensors

    The L-Dens 427 series of density sensors combines an accuracy of 1 x 10-4 g/cm³ in a compact design. Continuous measurement of density, concentration and API gravity optimizes production processes and ensures a consistently high quality of product. The small and compact design allows for easy integration into measuring stations, for example for mass flow rate measurement.

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