1. RWL Water’s capabilities In The Oil And Gas Industry

    RWL Water provides oil & gas companies with treatment solutions for produced water, surface discharge, and reuse.

  2. Field Indicator JDF200

    The JDF200 Field Indicator is an easy-to-install and efficient solution to enable remote process variable visualization.  

  3. Field Indicator JDF200 Datasheet

    Model JDF field indicator provides simple and low cost remote indication of a process variable on an easy to read meter, ensuring the most useful display for any specific application.

  4. Compact Ultrasonic Level Transmitter LST300 Brochure

    LST300 represents the future of level measurement. Today’s plants demand low power, easy to use instruments that deliver great performance even in difficult conditions. Intelligent compact transmitters have always been attractive, but certain limitations previously prevented their use in many applications

  5. Compact Ultrasonic Level Transmitter LST300

    LST300 represents the future of level measurement. While using intelligent compact transmitters has always been attractive, certain limitations prevented their use in many applications. LST300 removes those old obstacles. Whether you have the risk of flooding or corrosive materials in the process, LST300 survive these conditions easily. With metal at the top and PVDF at the bottom, LST300 is the first compact ultrasonic to be resistant to corrosion on the entire instrument. Ingress protection approvals up to IP68 (optional) ensure the entire device can survive flooding.

  6. Compact Ultrasonic Level Transmitter LST300 Datasheet

    The LST300 is a high performance ultrasonic level transmitter that accurately measures level, distance and open channel flow in ranges up to 10m (30ft). It is a non-contact, level measuring instrument designed for use on liquid level in a wide range of applications and industries.

  7. New Oil and Gas Component Test System

    The Fike Corporation has a new state-of-the-art test system for validating and verifying downhole components in a controlled test environment. Fike designed the test system to meet the increasing test and validation requirements that the company demands of its products.

  8. Modular Compact Rheometer (MCR) Series

    The two new members of the renowned Modular Compact Rheometer (MCR) series – MCR 72 and MCR 92 – are the two wisest choices for quick and easy rheological measurements. These real rheometer “pearls” from Anton Paar are streamlined for your daily lab routine, easy to use in a Plug and Play fashion and available at an accommodating price.

  9. FS10A Analyzer Flow Switch / Monitor Datasheet

    The FS10A is a universal flow switch and monitor specifically designed for gas and liquid process analyzer sampling systems.

  10. Daelim RMP-2 Petron Bataan Refinery

    Petron Bataan Refinery wanted to expand production to process 180 thousand barrels of crude oil per day while changing its feedstock from Arab Light to less costly heavy and sour crudes.