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  1. Pentair Launches New Website for its Oil & Gas Separations Solutions

    Pentair is excited to announce the launch of its new website – – for its Oil & Gas Separations solutions. Designed with the end user in mind, including customers, prospective customers and partners, the site will provide a superior user experience with the following features:

  2. Variable Bore Rams Inc. Opens Second Distribution Center In Texas

    Variable Bore Rams, Inc. (VBR), one of the largest original equipment manufacturers (OEM) ram providers in the world, has expanded with a new distribution center in Midland, Texas, President Hines M. “Chip” Marshall Jr. announced.

  3. API Publishes New Industry Standard For Subsea Capping Stacks

    The American Petroleum Institute recently published new guidelines for the design, manufacture and use of subsea capping stacks, equipment designed as part of industry’s emergency preparedness in the event of a spill at a wellhead on the ocean floor.

  4. Frost & Sullivan: Rise In Natural Gas Availability To Help Gas Turbines Edge Ahead Of Steam Turbines

    The global gas turbine market has been on the upswing due to the rising replacement of ageing coal plants with modern gas-fired power stations as well as the growing availability and usage of natural gas in power generation.

  5. Does The Energy Industry Get More Than Its Fair Share Of Water?

    Amid a global water scarcity crisis, does the energy industry have a leg up when it comes to water access? Many environmentalists and clean water advocates say yes. 

  6. API Rebuts Speculation About The Characteristics Of Bakken Crude

    The American Petroleum Institute recently rebutted speculation by the Department of Transportation about the characteristics of crude oil from the Bakken.

  7. Seatronics Signs Global Contract With Digital Edge Subsea Ltd

    Seatronics, an Acteon company, has signed a worldwide contract with Digital Edge Subsea Ltd for Digital Edge Subsea’s complete range of digital video inspection systems.

  8. API: Oil Well Completions Up 5 Percent In Q2

    Estimated U.S. oil well completions increased by 5 percent in the second quarter of 2014 compared to year-ago levels, according to API's 2014 Quarterly Well Completion Report, Second Quarter.

  9. More Evidence Links Fracking Operations To Earthquakes

    New research adds support to the alleged link between fracking and earthquakes. 

  10. Flowrox Launches New Industrial Instrument For Imaging Paraffin Wax And Asphaltene Depositions In Oil And Gas Pipelines

    Flowrox, a global leader in heavy-duty industrial valve, pumps and instrumentation manufacturing and service, is releasing to the Oil & Gas market the Flowrox Deposition Watch—a new instrument designed to enhance the monitoring of pipelines and related flow-process equipment affected by paraffin wax and asphaltene depositions.

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