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  1. Investment In Next Generation Oil And Gas Technologies Tops $7B

    New technologies to enhance exploration and production of oil and gas have attracted $7 billion in funding since 2003, according to Lux Research, as waves of innovation have opened up new kinds of plays in shale gas, tight oil, and heavy oil.

  2. ‘Green Fracturing’ Produces More Natural Gas Than Chemical Biocide Water Treatment Methods

    Optimal Data Analysis LLC completed an extensive 3-year study of 155 natural gas wells assessed the comparative efficacy of water treatment methods for 96 wells treated using Ecosphere Technologies, Inc. patented Ozonix water treatment process versus 59 wells treated using Chemical Biocide in the Fayetteville Shale in Arkansas.

  3. Water Scarcity: Don't Blame Oil And Gas Companies

    The recently elected Railroad Commissioner in Texas lays out his view that oil and gas companies cannot be held responsible for Texas' enormous water challenges.

  4. Frost & Sullivan: Aging Oilfields Stoke Demand For Highly Efficient Produced Water Treatment Systems

    The rising number of mature oil fields in Southeast Asia has intensified the focus on produced water (PW) treatment technologies that are both cost efficient and effective.

  5. Dolphin Geophysical Improves Offshore Training With Oilennium Contrainer

    Oilennium Ltd., a Petrofac Training Services (PTS) company that provides eLearning training services to the oil and gas industry, announced that since Dolphin Geophysical deployed the ConTrainer on its global fleet of seismic vessels, the company has experienced a dramatic improvement in its ability to deliver quality, consistent Health, Safety and Technical training to its crews offshore.

  6. Stephen Pryor To Retire As President Of ExxonMobil Chemical Company; Expected Appointment Of Neil Chapman As President Of ExxonMobil Chemical Company

    Stephen D. Pryor, president, ExxonMobil Chemical Company and vice president of Exxon Mobil Corporation, has elected to retire on January 1, 2015, after more than 44 years of service.

  7. ExxonMobil Awards Alternate Path Completion License To Delta Screens

    ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company has awarded Delta Screens & Filtration LLC a limited international license to ExxonMobil’s Alternate Path technology patent portfolio for gravel packing cased and openhole completion wells.

  8. Cashco Releases PTR-1 Regulator

    There’s a lot more to the new PTR-1 from Cashco Inc. than an identity based product designation.

  9. Supermajors Lose To National Oil Companies In Energy Intelligence Ranking Of Top Oil Firms

    Energy Intelligence recently releases it's annual ranking of the world's top 100 largest oil and gas companies, the only ranking system that compares private sector firms with national oil companies.

  10. Flowrox Launches New Industrial Valve For Processing Abrasive And Corrosive Substances

    Flowrox, a global leader in heavy-duty industrial valve manufacturing and services, is launching a new slurry knife gate product designed to enhance current pipeline equipment and processes using enhanced technology for fluid control.

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