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  1. API Publishes Industry Standard For Shipments Of Crude By Rail

    The American Petroleum Institute recently published a new set of recommended practices for testing and classifying crude oil for rail shipment and loading it into rail tank cars. 

  2. ExxonMobil Announces New Projects To Expand Specialty Hydrocarbon Fluid Production

    ExxonMobil Chemical is increasing production of its high performance hydrocarbon fluids by about 10 percent through expansion projects at its Singapore and Antwerp facilities.

  3. Study: Shale Supply Chain To Generate Widespread Economic Growth

    The U.S. energy renaissance is expected to generate vast growth in the supply chain of manufacturers, suppliers, and servicers that support America’s oil and natural gas sector, according to a new study by IHS Global.

  4. 'Fracking' Wastewater That Is Treated For Drinking Produces Potentially Harmful Compounds

    Concerns that fluids from hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” are contaminating drinking water abound. Now, scientists are bringing to light another angle that adds to the controversy. A new study, appearing in the ACS journal Environmental Science & Technology, has found that discharge of fracking wastewaters to rivers, even after passage through wastewater treatment plants, could be putting the drinking water supplies of downstream cities at risk.

  5. API: White House Plans To Address Methane Emissions Should Preserve What Works

    “The U.S. oil and natural gas industry is one of the strongest success stories in our country today, on many fronts: successful in job creation, economic growth and environmental protections,” said Gerard.

  6. Opto 22 Releases HART SNAP Analog I/O Modules

    Industrial automation manufacturer Opto 22 has released the SNAP-AIMA-iH and SNAP-AOA-23-iH two-channel analog input and output modules, each with HART communications. Both SNAP I/O modules use the HART communications protocol to extract status, diagnostics, and other information from smart devices such as field-mounted process transmitters and analyzers. This information can be used by the automation system and/or the asset management system to increase uptime, improve productivity and enhance safety. 

  7. ExxonMobil Statement On Treasury Department Sanctions On Russia

    ExxonMobil is complying with all U.S. sanctions. The U.S. Treasury Department, recognizing the complexity of the University-1 well and the sensitive Kara Sea arctic environment, has granted a license to ExxonMobil and other U.S. contractors and persons involved to enable the safe and responsible winding down of operations related to this exploration well.

  8. Arcadian Introduces Advanced Aeration For Flowback Impoundments

    Arcadian Technologies recently announced the introduction of the Helios 3000 advanced aeration technology for hydraulic fractured flowback impoundments.

  9. Wild Well Extends Reach In Southern Hemisphere With Capping Stack In Singapore

    Wild Well Control, Inc., a Superior Energy Services company and a global leader in firefighting and well control, has unveiled its new subsea capping stack for response to a global deepwater well control incident.

  10. API Supports Pro-Job Legislation To Encourage Education And Energy Workforce Training

    API President and CEO Jack Gerard recently delivered the following testimony at a U.S. House of Representatives Energy and Commerce subcommittee hearing on the 21st Century Energy Workforce Development Jobs Initiative Act of 2014.

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