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  1. New Tech To Treat Fracking Wastewater Goes Global

    Fracking wastewater treatment technology developed at a national lab is about to go global.

  2. Borets Introduces Successful PMM-PCP Technology To North America

    Borets, a global leader in the engineering, manufacturing, sales and service of electric submersible pump (ESP) systems, has successfully conducted a North American field trial of its PMM-PCP system, the first permanent magnet motor (PMM) running at a slow speed without a gear reducer to drive a progressing cavity pump.

  3. ecorpStim Expands Range Of Waterless / Chemical-Free Stimulation Systems With Latest Innovation: ‘Light Alkanes Stimulation’

    eCORP Stimulation Technologies, LLC (“ecorpStim”), a subsidiary of eCORP International, LLC (“eCORP”), recently announced plans to deliver a shale gas extraction technology which uses naturally occurring components in conventional and shale hydrocarbon production – a selection of low molecular weight alkanes or light alkanes1 – that are usually referred to as “baby oil” in common language

  4. Thousands Of L.A.-Area Oil Wells Under State Investigation For Pollution Dangers

    The Center for Biological Diversity recently urged California officials to release results from an investigation into thousands of oil industry injection wells in the Los Angeles area that may be contaminating water and threatening public health.

  5. NUTECH’s Reservoir Intelligence Takes Well Analysis To The Next Level

    NUTECH, one of the world's leading companies in petrophysical analysis and reservoir intelligence, offers an integrated set of proprietary technologies that takes Reservoir Intelligence to the next level by providing a comprehensive and evolving picture of a reservoir across the entire life cycle of an asset through screening five areas of expertise: petrophysics, core analysis, completion engineering, reservoir mapping and modeling, and reservoir engineering.

  6. AEG Power Solutions To Provide Power Supply To CNOOC Petrochemical Cluster In Huanghua

    AEG Power Solutions, a global provider of power electronic systems and solutions for industrial power supplies and renewable energy applications, recently announced that CNOOC (China National Offshore Oil Corporation) has selected its power systems solutions to secure critical loads applications at its petrochemical production center, which is located in Huanghua City in the province of Hebei in China.

  7. Intermoor Successfully Completes Juniper Contract Offshore Trinidad And Tobago

    InterMoor Inc., an Acteon company, has completed its role in the largest foundation installation project offshore Trinidad and Tobago to date.

  8. Oil Spill Penalties To Draw Record $18.7 Billion From BP

    Is $19 billion enough to settle fallout from the most disastrous offshore oil spill in the nation’s history?

  9. API Highlights Adoption Of Industry Standards In Proposed Well Control Rule

    API welcomed the federal government’s effort to align regulations for offshore well control with industry standards in comments filed today with the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE).

  10. Petroleum Demand Rose In June And 2nd Quarter

    Total U.S. petroleum deliveries (a measure of demand) grew by 4.2 percent from June 2014 to average 19.6 million barrels per day last month.

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