Product Showcase

  1. SmartView 100 (SV100) 100mm Paperless Data Recorder

    Enjoy convenience, flexibility and maintenance-free data recording with the Thermo Scientific™ SmartView 100 (SV100) Paperless Data Recorder. The Thermo Scientific™ SmartView SV10AC controlled program recorder is a SV100A system built in accordance with the 10 CFR 50 Appendix B Program. The controlled and commercial versions of the system are identical. With a 100 mm screen and capacity for up to 18 inputs, this compact, webenabled device helps to efficiently communicate data worldwide to ensure process optimization.

  2. KRILPRO Neutron Backscatter Foam Level/Interface Device

    Optimize delayed coking operations with the Thermo Scientific™ KRILPRO Neutron Backscatter Foam Level/Interface Device. Rugged and compact, this non-contacting device enables refiners to maximize coke drum output per cycle while significantly reducing anti-foam usage. It has a wide sensor temperature range, and accurately detects foam (light, medium and heavy) as well as wet and dry coke.

  3. LevelPRO Series Of Gauges

    Easy-to-use and offering accurate continuous level measurements using a smaller source, the Thermo Scientific™ LevelPRO Series of gauges are well suited for a variety of industrial applications.

  4. Prima PRO Process Mass Spectrometer Datasheet

    Maximize product yield and increase profits with the Thermo Scientific™ Prima PRO Process Mass Spectrometer. This process gas analyzer is engineered to meet a number of challenging process applications in the petrochemical, iron and steel, and biotechnology industries. Highly reliable and easy-to-own, the Prima PRO delivers faster, more complete, lab quality online gas composition analysis. It features a rugged, fault-tolerant design that ensures availability that exceeds 99.7% and a simplified maintenance procedure and auto-tune capability to facilitate ongoing operation and enhance productivity.

  5. SOLA II Sulfur Online Analyzer

    Measure total sulfur in liquid hydrocarbon fuel process streams with the Thermo Scientific™ SOLA II Sulfur Online Analyzer. This field-proven instrument addresses the need for a low-maintenance sulfur analyzer that can reliably measure low ppm levels to help customers meet the tightening, Tier 2, regulatory requirements that limit sulfur levels in fuels. The SOLA II uses the low-maintenance pulsed ultraviolet fluorescence (PUVF) detector with the proven Pyrolysis system for measuring total sulfur in gasoline, diesel, kerosene, and jet fuel. It also offers an online adaption of ASTM D5453.

  6. Particulate Matter Continuous Emissions Monitoring System (PM CEMS)

    Facilitate successful audits and reduce regulatory risk in dynamic wet stack conditions with advanced dual-measurement technology in this continuous emissions monitoring system.  The Thermo Scientific™ Particulate Matter (PM) CEMS is designed to meet the requirements of U.S. EPA Performance Specifications (PS)11 and Procedure 2 Quality Assurance (QA) in addition to passing annual audit Methods 5 or 17.

  7. AutoMITTER PRO™ Smart Multi-Variable Transmitter

    Simplify maintenance and minimize capital expenses with the Thermo Scientific™ AutoMITTER PRO™ Smart Multi-Variable Transmitter. Featuring a single board design that eliminates the need for separate transmitters, it is built for highly accurate volumetric rate calculations. This 3-in-1 device integrates seamlessly with Thermo Scientific™ gas flow computers to measure differential pressure, static pressure and temperature.

  8. DSK1000 Air/Gas Flow Sensor

    Eliminate the effects of turbulence while providing the equivalent of 7 to 9 diameter of straight run with the Thermo Scientific™ DSK1000 Air/Gas Flow Sensor. It is a pitot averaging air/gas flow measuring station with integral flow straighteners.

  9. DensityPRO Series Of Gauges

    Increase safety and lower capital costs with easy-to-use, non-contacting process density gauges. The Thermo Scientific™ DensityPRO series offers accurate density measurements, capable of the highest precision at the widest temperature range.

  10. AutoEXEC 32-Run Expandable Gas And Liquid Flow Computer

    Increase productivity and efficiency using the Thermo Scientific™ AutoEXEC 32-Run Expandable Gas and Liquid Flow Computer. It is the industry's first flow computer that measures natural gas and petroleum liquids simultaneously. This rugged, easy-to-use system calculates flow at a rate of up to 10 times per second on four to 32 runs to reduce capital expenditures.

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