Product Showcase

  1. CoriolisMaster FCB130 And FCB150 System Integration Meter

    CoriolisMaster FCB130 & 150 compact coriolis flowmeters feature low pressure drop, high capacity high speed RS485 Modbus communication and 2 digital outputs.

  2. Oil and Gas Regional Seminar & Expo

    Join us at the Seminar and Expo near you to explore the latest industry trends and learn how to make your operations safer, smarter, reliable, and efficient.

  3. VIS Multiphase Flowmeter

    VIS is a high-performing yet compact multiphase flowmeter, tailored for wet gas applications and able to provide outstanding accuracy also in the most challenging operating regions.

  4. Unscrambler® X Hierarchical Model Development Module & Engine

    Improve modeling of complex data with powerful Hierarchical Modeling software. Our new software uses a powerful decision-tree approach which makes modeling of non-linear data more efficient and robust, by allowing Classification and Prediction models to be joined in a multi-level structure.

  5. Enterprise Solutions

    In today’s complex business environments, a one-size-fits-all approach often doesn’t work. CAMO Software’s enterprise solutions offer the unrivalled analytical power of multivariate analysis, tailored to fit seamlessly into a clients existing IT infrastructure and integrate with their current workflows and systems.

  6. L-Dens 427 Online Density Sensors

    The L-Dens 427 series of density sensors combines an accuracy of 1 x 10-4 g/cm³ in a compact design. Continuous measurement of density, concentration and API gravity optimizes production processes and ensures a consistently high quality of product. The small and compact design allows for easy integration into measuring stations, for example for mass flow rate measurement.

  7. Model 6 Arc Resistant Motor Control Center

    The explosive and uncontrollable nature of an arc flash event can cause critical consequences including death, injury, and serious financial loss. The Model 6 Arc Resistant MCC minimizes the potential for personnel injury by containing and redirecting the arc energy out from the top of the motor control center. 

  8. LMG100 Econolev Magnetic Level Gauge

    The ECONOLEV LMG100 is a magnetic liquid level gauge specifically designed for the OEM / commercial storage tank, and light industrial market. It is engineered to meet most liquid measurement applications where a simple, non custom armored level gauge is required. The ECONOLEV provides an economical solution to traditional exposed glass level gauges.

  9. The IsoGen™ System For Crude Oil Pipelines And Gas Sweetening

    The IsoGen™ System captures pressure energy and generates electricity from high-pressure fluid flows. Specifically designed for pressure drops in oil pipelines and the gas sweetening process, the IsoGen System is the most efficient turbogenerator on the market today with maximum flexibility.

  10. Energy Recovery’s IsoBoost™ Saves Energy And Reduces Carbon Footprint

    The IsoBoost™ System is the highest efficiency energy recovery system on the market for amine processing.  It recovers energy in acid gas treatment processes at up to 80% efficiency, increases productivity and profitability — and reduces carbon footprint.

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