Newsletter | February 6, 2019

02.06.19 -- 2019 Energy Outlook: Continued Robust Growth In U.S.


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Swirl Flow Meters - Metering Gas In Biogas Plants
By ABB Measurement & Analytics

This document outlines the basics of the metering system design that this energy provider proposes to fit to all their landfill gas (LFG) and coal mine methane (CMM) fueled power generating sites. A description of the metering systems installation and operation, details of the equipment utilized, and supporting information for ruling on the accuracy of the system has been included.

Maximize Process Performance With CTI Tube Liners
By CTI Industries

Everyone is aware of the extreme financial penalties and, more importantly, the potential dangers associated with sudden or long-term heat exchanger tube failures. These failures and related emergency shutdowns presently cost the downstream industry millions of dollars per day and billions of dollars per year on a worldwide basis.

Steam Custody Transfer
By McCrometer, Inc.

Steam custody transfer between a cogeneration plant and an operator: The oil field operator injects the steam into the ground to heat the heavy (API gravity 6-15 typically) oil. Once heated, the oil can be retrieved via traditional pumping methods. The operator pays for the steam by the BTU at the negotiated point of custody transfer. The cogeneration plant guarantees a pressure and quality at that point. Verification of quality is done periodically using a surface separator.

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Process Instrumentation, Process Analytics, Weighing Technology – The One-Stop Shop

High-quality processes are crucial in the process industry. Only then do you get the required results. And it is only then that plants work efficiently and therefore productively.

New Radar Technology For Solids Level Measurement

In nearly every industry, operators use solids level measurement to track and monitor material stored in large vessels, silos, or tanks. They need to know the value of their inventory and be able to conduct process monitoring. Key examples include corn milling, grains and powders, cement, wood chips, and even sand used for oil and gas drilling applications. Solids can be challenging to gauge. There are numerous available measuring methods, with varying degrees of accuracy. 

OMNIPURE Series 64 Marine Sewage Treatment System

The OMNIPURE Series 64 treats raw sewage to, or beyond, the now more stringent MEPC.227(64) guideline while taking up less space than its predecessor. Not just a system smaller in size, it is easier to operate with simplified controls, minimal instrumentation, less maintenance, and a completely hands-off solids management process.