Newsletter | October 26, 2019

10.26.19 -- 214 Trillion Cubic Feet Of Natural Gas Estimated In Appalachian Basin


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Multiparameter Levelflex FMP55 Solves Emulsion Interface Measurement In Separators
By Endress+Hauser, Inc.

A leading oilfield exploration company was having issues with a standard guided wave radar device that was directly installed into a separator measuring overall level and interface level. In guided wave radar devices, the microwave pulse emitted from the transmitter gets reflected at the air/oil interface (for overall level) and is detected, and part of the pulse continues through the oil to the oil/water interface (for interface level) where a second reflection is created. However, if an emulsion (approximately > 2”) exists, then the guided wave radar will not work reliably as the reflection from the interface is greatly decreased.

FTIR Fast Facts 3 (FTIR Benefits In Industrial Segments)
By MIDAC Corporation

MIDAC’s technology is FTIR, which is almost impossible to fool, and I never get it wrong. It is such a general, powerful, and easily modifiable tool that even if I get surprised — if the customer tells me one thing, later we build the equipment, go on-site, and install it, and it’s entirely different — no problem.

Through-Flame Thermal Cameras Can Take The Heat
By Paul Czerepuszko, FLIR Systems, Inc - Optical Gas Imaging

Many types of heating operations require a fast, non-contact method for gathering qualitative and quantitative information to prevent or minimize downtime. A through-flame thermal camera offers thermal and visual imaging capabilities for seeing conditions invisible to the naked eye while in context to a visible world. This application note discusses how through-flame imaging works and how to use these cameras to detect most equipment problems during heating operation — and at an early stage — so that failures can be prevented.

Recommended Resources
SITRANS P500 Differential Pressure Transmitter—Stainless Steel Version

Against a backdrop of rising demands and increasingly complex applications, measuring systems must continuously raise their game. The SITRANS P500 stands out with extended functionality, increased accuracy, and now with a more robust 316L enclosure.

Digester Biogas Flow Measurement

The engineers at a municipal wastewater treatment utility were expanding their biogas digester system and were seeking an improvement over their existing, maintenance-intensive flow-metering technology. They needed to measure the amount of gas contained within a gas bag as well as the flow rate of the gases traveling from the gas bag system into a co-generation power system.

Laser Level Transmitter LLT100

The LLT100 is specifically made for industrial applications and harsh environments. It provides continuous, non-contact level measurement capabilities for process automation and inventory management in industries such as mining, aggregates, oil and gas, chemicals, food and beverages, power, pulp and paper, pharma, and water and wastewater.

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Spinsep Vertical Flotation System
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L-Dens 427 Online Density Sensors
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