Newsletter | June 8, 2021

06.08.21 -- A Breakthrough In Remote Monitoring For Coriolis Flow Meters

A Breakthrough In Remote Monitoring For Coriolis Flow Meters

Getting technicians into the field to perform a variety of flow meter requirements can be a tedious and time-consuming process. The convenience of being able to see and interact with the device without having to be directly at the meter or in the control room would save critical time that could be dedicated to other tasks.

How A Small Investment In A Pipeline Audit Can Pay Big Dividends

Leak detection systems are increasingly under scrutiny as safety regulations tighten for all pipeline operators. These systems often perform well when installed, but over time numerous factors can cause them to deteriorate. Investigations have shown that the main causes of serious consequences from leak events were related to insufficient maintenance and insight to the leak detection system.

Ultrasonic Flow Meters Gain Traction As A Robust Tool For Measuring Hydrocarbon Vapors

Oil and gas companies rely on accurate flow measurement anywhere that hydrocarbons are being stored — including terminals and loading/offloading facilities — as well as upstream, where crude oil is pulled from the ground and small amounts of gas byproduct are commonly flared.

A Vast Improvement In Real-Time LNG Transfer

Custody transfer measurement of LNG is traditionally based on tank-level readings, but in recent years dynamic measurement using flow meters has rapidly gained popularity. In conjunction, quality readings are typically based on a lab analysis of a representative sample obtained by an automated system that regularly extracts a small amount of LNG during the loading process. The sample canister is then transported to a laboratory for analysis.