Newsletter | January 5, 2022

01.05.22 -- AkerBP And Lundin Energy Announce Merger


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Finding Inefficiencies In Your Process, Leading To Better Performance And Cost Savings

Learn how a thermal mass flowmeter from Fox Thermal Instruments can help you find inefficiencies in your process, which can lead to better performance and cost savings.

Infrared Camera For CO Detection And Electrical Inspections

The FLIR GF series is made up of handheld infrared cameras designed for the detection of gas leaks to increase production profitability, enhance worker safety, and better protect the environment. These optical gas imaging cameras offer the power to spot invisible gases escaping into the environment faster and more reliably than traditional “sniffer” detectors. FLIR GF-Series cameras can document gas leaks that lead to lost product, lost revenue, fines, and safety hazards.


This product is an environmentally friendly, safe, reliable treatment solution developed to assist in the oxidation and reduction of BOD, COD, hydrogen sulfide, and recalcitrant compounds. It also excels in the microbiological disinfection of industrial wastewater and for clean-in-place sanitization systems.

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