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04.10.19 -- API Responds To Presidential Permit For Keystone XL


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Natural Gas Fractionation Process Facilities Rely On Flow Switch For Relief Valve Leak Monitoring
By Jim DeLee, Fluid Components International (FCI)

A company with multiple natural gas liquid (NGL) fractionation process facilities located in the Southeastern U.S. became concerned about a series of missed events and nuisance alarms caused by the flow switches installed to monitor potential overpressure situations with its pressure relief valves. The company wanted a highly reliable flow instrument solution that would detect a real event and avoid the lost productivity of nuisance alarms.

Why Wait For Tube Failures?
By CTI Industries

Being a leader in the worldwide heat exchanger repair business for almost 40 years, you tend to notice trends that happen from time to time. One trend that is occurring more frequently of late is the vintage of the exchangers that are in need of repair. In the past few years there has been an increase of premature tube failures on heat exchangers that are only a couple years old.

Application Note: Measurement Of Motor Gasoline And RFG With Digital Density Meters
By Anton Paar USA

This report indicated major problems with both the repeatability (r) and reproducibility (R) when measuring motor gasoline and RFG with digital density meters.

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Product Overview: V-Cone Flow Meter For The Oil And Gas Industry

The V-Cone Flow Meter is an advanced differential pressure instrument, which is ideal for use with liquid, steam, or gas media in rugged conditions where accuracy, low maintenance, and cost are important.

Adding Value With Analytics

The oil and gas industry, like many others, is collecting and storing ever larger volumes of data. Although, there is value in this data, it is often difficult to unearth using conventional analysis tolls such as spreadsheets. To address this issue, new data analytics software platforms are being introduced specifically to deal with time-series data.

Multivariable Transmitter: Models 266CRH/CRT And 266JRH/JRT Datasheet

The flow calculation carried out by these transmitters includes compensation of pressure and / or temperature as well as more complex variables such as discharge coefficient, thermal expansion, Reynolds number, and compressibility factor.