Newsletter | November 3, 2021

11.03.21 -- API Testifies On Industry's Commitment To Address Climate Challenge


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Equinox Stabilizer

Equinox Stabilizer 15 is a unique product that ensures controlled availability of halogen during the paper-making process. By reducing interactions with sources of active halogen demand, Equinox Stabilizer 15 reduces the quantity of sodium hypochlorite used for slime control and maximizes compatibility with sensitive process additives (including optical brighteners, retention aids, wet and dry strength aids).

Wafer-Cone Flow Meter

The Wafer-Cone flow meter is a differential pressure type flow measurement device. A cone is positioned in the center of the pipe to increase the velocity of the flowing fluid and create a differential pressure. This pressure difference can be measured and used to accurately interpret flow rate. 

FT4X Thermal Gas Mass Flow Meter
Every FOX Model FT4X comes equipped with an advanced intrinsic Data Logger for advanced record-keeping and data retention. Data logging is commonly used in applications such as flare and waste gas monitoring, gas studies, gas royalties and allocation, and gas flow research.
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