Newsletter | November 27, 2019

11.27.19 -- Boosting Oil Production Through Water Treatment -- A Pilot Proof Point


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A Market Prime For Boom: Thermal Flow Meters To Gain From Environmental Push
By Jesse Yoder, PhD, Fox Thermal Instruments, Inc.

Thermal flow meters are suddenly emerging into the spotlight and are primed to show an upswing in demand. Why is this? The answer lies primarily in the trend toward increased environmental monitoring and the suitability thermal flow meters have for such applications.

Passing The Buck — The Real Climate Change Hoax
By Bryan Brownlie, De Nora

In a slight change in topic, this is going to be a more general article around why I believe water treatment technologies are so critical, why this industry is so vital, and what depends on the new technologies that this industry generates. We do so much where I work that goes well beyond produced water recycling, and it is all extremely important.

FLIR Optical Gas Imaging Cameras Help To Spot Gas Leaks From The Air
By FLIR Systems, Inc - Optical Gas Imaging

The Al Hosn Shah Gas Processing Plant in Abu Dhabi is a natural gas processing plant that purifies gases by removing certain contaminants in a sweetening process. The gas pipelines and other infrastructures that process sour gases need to be continuously monitored for leaks as the contaminant gases are often dangerous for human exposure. This case study explores the innovative combination of UAV and FLIR optical gas imaging technologies as an efficient way of monitoring vast gas fields from the air.

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Level Measurement: Product Overview For Applications In Liquids & Bulk Solids

With a broad range of level measuring principles available means that finding the ideal solution is easy. No principle is suited to all application areas. Therefore, measuring systems must be selected that work reliably under the conditions of a particular application and, at the same time, meet the economic situations in the future. Endress+Hauser can support you from planning and commissioning through to the maintenance of your measuring point as well as assist you in automation, asset management, and the visualization of process data.

Fixed Bed Catalyst End-Of-Run Prediction

Are you challenged with managing the severity of reactor operation on a fixed-bed reactor and planning catalyst regeneration or replacement? It is important to analyze the catalyst activity and predict the end-of-useful-life for the catalyst in order to optimize near- and long-term economics. This process requires the calculation of normalized weighted average bed temperature, selecting historical data to “train” the correlations, and auto-updating with new data.

Granular Media And Measurement Method: Powder Cell

The Powder Cell is a unique instrument for the study of dry granular flows, especially in the fluidized or near-fluidized state.

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Thermal Imaging Camera For Continuous Gas Leak Detection
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FLIR Systems, Inc - Optical Gas Imaging
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