Newsletter | December 5, 2018

12.05.18 -- BP Starts Up Clair Ridge Production


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Optimizing Gas Detection Camera Performance And Safety
By FLIR Systems, Inc - Optical Gas Imaging

Besides the simple automatic mode of operation in an infrared gas detection camera, there are several other techniques that further enhance the ability of an operator to detect gas streams. This article explains how to optimize your gas detection camera’s performance, and offers tips on safety.

Final Product Blending For Gasoline And Gasoil
By ABB Measurement & Analytics

Process analytical FT-NIR applications in refineries cover a wide range of different processes, including distillation units, conversion units, and final product blend optimization. However, the availability of high production margins for final products has re-emphasized the role of process FT-NIR in high-value final product optimization applications, gasoline and diesel product blending, crude oil distillation, and, in petrochemical plants, naphtha steam cracking.

Thermal Flow Meters For Coal Applications
By Fox Thermal Instruments, Inc.

Coal mines must monitor and report greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in order to comply with the EPA's Title 40 CFR Part 98 Subpart FF. 

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Thermatel TA2 Mass Flow Transmitter

The Thermatel Enhanced Model TA2 thermal mass flow meter provides reliable mass measurement for air and gas flow applications.

A Unique Application Measures Flow Of U.S. Emergency Crude

Periodic flow measurement tests on brine disposal lines at the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) used to be a lengthy procedure for divers on the sea floor that often produced less than satisfactory results. In this case study, learn how DM Petroleum Operations Company introduced the FPI Mag Flow Meter to replace problematic pitot tube meters and improve flow measurement accuracy. 

OMNIPURE Series 64 Marine Sewage Treatment System

The OMNIPURE Series 64 treats raw sewage to, or beyond, the now more stringent MEPC.227(64) guideline while taking up less space than its predecessor. Not just a system smaller in size, it is easier to operate with simplified controls, minimal instrumentation, less maintenance, and a completely hands-off solids management process.

Level Transmitters Brochure

Siemens Milltronics is the global center for level measurement technology within Siemens Process Instrumentation. You can rely on our instruments for high performance: They provide cost-effective measurement of continuous level, point level, and interface in a wide range of applications, such as water and wastewater, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, mining, cement, aggregates, and bulk solids.

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