Newsletter | March 4, 2020

03.04.20 -- BP To Leave Three Trade Associations Over Climate Policies


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Versatility Of Thermal Mass Flow Meters
By Magnetrol International

There are many well-documented flow meter technologies that are essentially trying to accomplish the same thing: measure fluid flow rate. Some of the technologies that are entrenched in the market, such as flow meters that utilize differential pressure as the measurement principle, are well-understood by customers. Thermal mass flow meters however, such as the Magnetrol Thermatel TA2, are a rapidly growing technology that is continuously evolving.

Magnetic Flow Meter Measures Manure For Agricultural Spraying
By FTI Flow Technology, Inc.

Commercial livestock operations generate a significant amount of manure byproduct. The manure is sometimes sprayed in a liquefied form over agricultural fields as a fertilizer in between planting seasons.

FLIR OGI Cameras Paired With UAVs To Detect Gas Leaks From The Air
By FLIR Systems, Inc - Optical Gas Imaging

Natural gas processing plants purify raw natural gas by removing certain contaminants. Since these contaminant gases are often dangerous for human exposure, a combination of UAV and optical gas imaging technology was tested for monitoring vast gas fields. This case study examines how the Al Hosn Shah Plant in Abu Dhabi uses the FLIR G300a optical gas camera for detecting gas leaks from the air.

Flow And Level Measurement: 6 Essential Questions Answered
By Fluid Components International

Thermal dispersion excels as a no-moving-parts, no-routine-maintenance, highly reliable technology. In flow metering, thermal dispersion’s application strengths include air and gas flow, wide turndown, direct mass flow measuring, and wide temperature and pressure service compatibility.

Recommended Resources
CoriolisMaster FCB130, FCB150, FCH130, FCH150

This compact device is for flow measurement of liquids and gases. The ideal transmitter for system integration includes modbus for quick and comprehensive communication and two fast digital outputs that can be configured as pulse outputs, frequency outputs, or binary outputs.

Sensors, Transmitters, Compact Devices, And Assemblies Experts In Liquid Analysis

Liquids such as water, beverages, dairy products, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals have to be analyzed day in and day out. Endress+Hauser can support you in fulfilling all these measuring tasks with application know-how and cutting-edge technologies.

Field-Wide Analysis

Data analysis is changing the landscape of the oil and gas industry. Operators are turning to the power of data to identify operational upsets throughout the field. Separation is one of the cornerstones of upstream operations. When separation problems occur, leading to gas blowby and liquid carryover, engineers need to be alerted of the situation so that they can correct it.