Newsletter | February 5, 2020

02.05.20 -- CAPP Forecasts $2B Increase In Upstream Oil, Natural Gas Investment


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See Smaller VOC Leaks From A Safer Distance
By FLIR Systems, Inc - Optical Gas Imaging

FLIR optical gas imaging cameras allow smaller volatile organic compound (VOC) leaks to be detected from a safe, nonhazardous area. The most important criteria to achieve this are the camera’s detector and sensitivity.

Safeguarding The Environment From Refining’s Potential Impacts
By Siemens Energy, Inc. - Water Solutions

Jiujiang, a city of five million people, borders the edge of the Yangtze River as well as Poyang Lake, each China’s largest. To the east of the city’s residential districts, midway on a peninsula separating the two bodies of water, sits the giant petrochemical complex of the Sinopec Jiujiang Company, a subsidiary of the Sinopec Corporation, the nation’s largest refiner. Nearly 3,000 people work there.

Best Practices: Safety And Certainty With Actual Gas Calibration Of Thermal Mass Flow Meters
By Fluid Components International

Flow meter calibration should never be taken for granted, and thermal mass flow meters are no exception. Flow meters can be built with the highest safety ratings, features, and functions, and the most industrially robust sensor technology, but if the calibration is inaccurate or subject to uncertainty due to an equivalency-based calibration or simulation methods, rather than an "actual" fluid calibration, then the device could produce unsatisfactory performance issues.

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QCT Series In-Line Ultrasonic Flow Meters

The QCT Series in-line ultrasonic flow meters have been specifically designed for applications that require excellent accuracy and reliability at an economical price point. The compact QCT Series has no moving parts, nonwetted sensors, and there is nothing in the flow stream that will cause an increase in pressure drop; this results in a very rugged, reliable, and accurate flow meter.

A Unique Application Measures Flow Of U.S. Emergency Crude

Periodic flow measurement tests on brine disposal lines at the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) used to be a lengthy procedure for divers on the sea floor that often produced less than satisfactory results. In this case study, learn how DM Petroleum Operations Company introduced the FPI Mag Flow Meter to replace problematic pitot tube meters and improve flow measurement accuracy. 

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