News | April 8, 2014

Circulation Solutions Opens Warehouse And Sales Location In Beeville, Texas

Circulation Solutions, LLC, a drilling and completion products company specializing in lost circulation and other completion problems, has opened a new warehouse and sales location in Beeville, Texas, to better service customers in South Texas and the Eagle Ford shale play.

Situated at 1505 S. Washington St., Beeville, TX 78104, the new 5,000 square feet facility will handle sales and stock point location operation.

With more than a decade of experience in the oil and gas industry, Kimberly Freude will serve as the primary sales contact for the Beeville facility. Freude is well versed in the business with an understanding of project management and consulting.

The strategically placed facility allows for same day pickups and is located more closely to rigs, allowing for better service throughout all of South Texas – specifically the Eagle Ford. The facility location will help to speed up well service time.

“The new facility will greatly enhance services in South Texas and improve product accessibility through improved logistics,” said Josh Nelson, Circulation Solutions’ managing partner. “We’re pleased with the addition of this facility, and we look forward to serving the Eagle Ford and South Texas on a much larger scale.”

About Circulation Solutions:
Circulation Solutions, LLC has operations based in Decatur, Texas, and is currently expanding operations throughout the United States, including Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Utah and beyond. Its products include MultiSqueeze, ASFiber, ShaleBlock and BiCenter Beads. As wellbore integrity specialists, Circulation Solutions’ goal is to provide a full line of specialty drilling and completion products applicable to any oil and gas play.

SOURCE: Circulation Solutions, LLC.