Newsletter | September 11, 2019

09.11.19 -- Concho To Sell New Mexico Shelf Assets For $925M


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In The Oilfields, Water Matters – And So Does Your Instrumentation
By Siemens Process Instrumentation

With the rise of unconventional oil drilling practices, the demand for water has risen significantly over the past few years. Previously, the cost of water to drill a well was just a small part of the price of doing business, and the amount of water needed was not as high as it is today. But recently the paradigm has shifted from simply injecting produced water back into the ground to placing more value on water and finding new and creative ways to reuse or recycle it.

When Black Turns Into Gold
By Anton Paar USA

Whereas conventional synthesis of ionic liquids remains time consuming, microwave-mediated processes prove beneficial for these compounds. Immediate temperature control with immersing sensors prevents excessive overshooting of the target temperatures.

Keep Your Pumps Running Smoothly To Optimize Process Efficiency
By Don Lundberg, sr. member technical staff, Fluid Components International (FCI)

Industrial pumps consume up to 20 percent of the world’s energy production and can be responsible for 25 to 50 percent of a process plant’s energy bill, according to Europump, the Hydraulic Institute, and other sources. Nothing moves without them in a process plant, and they are expensive to purchase, maintain, and even more to repair or replace. Reducing pump lifecycle costs (their purchase, operation, and maintenance) is critical in a process plant optimizing efficiency and product output. The process and the surrounding equipment configuration can be responsible for unnecessary high pump lifecycle costs.

Industry News
  CLEAN GULF Conference & Exhibition

October 28 to 31, 2019 | New Orleans, LA

CLEAN GULF is the premier annual event for industry and government to come together and discuss planning, preparedness, and response issues for oil and hazardous materials spills. It brings together all parties responsible for prevention and response operations to hear best practices and build relationships vital to a successful response on land or water. For the 2019 event, we’ve added fresh conference content and new events to enhance your attendee experience. To receive a $50 discount on your registration, use VIP code VERT19 in online registration.

Recommended Resources
Steam Condenser And Heat Exchanger Overview Video

CTI Industries is a global technical service company that specializes in the restoration of steam condenser and heat exchanger repair. The repair techniques used by CTI are based on offering cost-effective solutions for equipment life extension, beginning with the "sleeving" of heat exchanger tubes.

Seeq Advanced Analytics Solution

With Seeq applications, you and your team can rapidly investigate and share insights from operations and manufacturing data sources to improve production outcomes. OSIsoft PI, Honeywell PHD, GE Proficy, and other historians, as well as relational data from SQL Server, Oracle, and MySQL, may be easily integrated to find insights that enable continuous improvement in production yield, quality, availability, and other KPIs.

SIMATIC PCS 7/505 Operator Station Brochure

A new operator station (OS) significantly improves the TISTAR/PCS/OSx process control systems. This addition is part of the continuing commitment from Siemens to support and improve the performance of currently installed TI (505) systems worldwide. The new operator station is based on numerous user-requested functional enhancements, as well as technological advances to improve overall system capability.