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10.09.19 -- ConocoPhillips Completes $2.7B Sale Of UK E&P Subsidiaries


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Isolation Seals Protect Transmitters When Measuring Difficult Fluids
By ABB Measurement & Analytics

Isolation seals protect transmitters while faithfully conveying pressure signals. They enhance the measurement of not only pressure and vacuum, but also of derived variables, including flow rate, level, and density. Because of their measurement flexibility, electronic differential pressure (DP) transmitters are widespread throughout industrial and municipal processes.

Optimize Process Unit Results With Advanced Analytics For Condition-Based Monitoring
By Seeq Corporation

Businesses rely on process units meeting or exceeding their operational plans. To ensure that operational plans are achieved, it is important that equipment operates as designed (i.e., delivers the required performance) and continues to operate in an optimum manner (i.e., remains reliable, in a good condition). The most common causes of missing operational plan targets are equipment failure, which results in unplanned downtime, and low quality or yields from production processes.

Keep Your Pumps Running Smoothly To Optimize Process Efficiency
By Don Lundberg, Sr Member Technical Staff, Fluid Components International (FCI)

Industrial pumps consume up to 20 percent of the world’s energy production and can be responsible for 25 to 50 percent of a process plant’s energy bill, according to Europump, the Hydraulic Institute and other sources. Nothing moves without them in a process plant, and they are expensive to purchase, maintain, and even more to repair or replace. Reducing pump lifecycle costs (their purchase, operation, and maintenance) is critical in a process plant optimizing efficiency and product output. The process and the surrounding equipment configuration can be responsible for unnecessary high pump lifecycle costs.

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Model R82 Pulse Burst Radar Transmitter Datasheet

The Magnetrol Model R82 is an economical, loop-powered radar transmitter bringing radar to everyday applications.

Siemens Level Measurement

Monitoring water levels in open channels. Tracking the amount of grain in a silo. Measuring oil in a tank. Simply put, level measurement tells you how much material is at a given location.

Heavy-Duty Refractometer Endurance "Water" Test

Immersed in a swimming pool, at a depth of one meter, for up to two hours, the IP68-certified measuring unit still delivers — optionally also remotely operated from a distance of up to five meters.