Newsletter | January 30, 2019

01.30.19 -- Continued Growth Of U.S. Energy As 'World Leader'


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  The New D86-Compliant Diana 700 Distillation Analyzer From Anton Paar

Anton Paar is proud to introduce Diana 700, the new D86-, D1078-, D860-compliant atmospheric distillation analyzer. Easy and safe for anyone to use, the Diana 700 is perfect for petrochemical, aromatic hydrocarbons, and other volatile organic liquid samples.

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Overcoming Deep Water Challenges For Enhanced Oil Recovery
By McCrometer, Inc.

Maximizing oil recovery in offshore fields can require a myriad of enhanced oil recovery (EOR) techniques, which can add complexity at subsea depths. In 2012, Petrobras was seeking to couple high-pressure carbon dioxide (CO2) injection with other unconventional EOR techniques. While used extensively in onshore fields, offshore CO2 injection, especially in deep water developments, adds an extra level of complexity that had not previously been employed.

Why Test The Viscosity Of Polymer Solutions?
By Anton Paar USA

Precise viscosity measurement with the Lovis 2000 M microviscometer is an efficient and smart way to determine a polymer's quality, which strongly depends on its molar mass and molecular chain length. Both influence the viscosity of a diluted polymer solution, which is also the subject of ASTM and ISO standards for various specific polymers.

Thermal Flow Meters For Natural Gas Applications
By Fox Thermal Instruments, Inc.

In addition to rising energy prices, pressure from regulatory agencies to reduce emissions and improve efficiency has spurred manufacturers to engage in submetering. Industrial facilities and organizations with multiple buildings or processes place great value on accounting of natural gas consumption because of its many benefits.

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Recommended Resources
Brise Dissolved Gas Flotation (DGF) Pump System

The Brise DGF pump by Siemens Water Solutions has proven to be one of the most effective solutions to treating produced waters. The Brise pump can produce bubbles starting at a size of 1 micron. Currently, there are no other technologies that offer the flexibility and effectiveness of altering bubble size to optimize the efficiency of a flotation unit due to changing water chemistry.

Infrared Camera For Methane, Hydrocarbon, And VOC Detection: FLIR GFx320 Datasheet

The GFx320 camera features innovative optical gas imaging technology and is designed for detecting methane, other hydrocarbons, and volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions in many different sites such as well sites and offshore platforms. The camera is independently certified as Intrinsically Safe and third-party approved for use in hazardous environments. It is capable of visualizing with sensitivity that complies with the U.S. EPA’s 0000a methane rule.

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Revolutionary methane leak detection is coming in February. Click here for more.