Newsletter | March 31, 2021

03.31.21 -- DOI Forum Features Robust Discussion On O&G Program


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Lockout Pressure Optimization

Pipeline operators face a constant balancing act of running their pipelines while protecting the environment from oil spills caused by a rupture. A sudden low-pressure event might indicate a pipeline rupture that threatens the environment. To minimize environmental impact, operators set parameters for low-pressure conditions that would cause a hard shutdown, or lockout. Lockouts can last for hours or days, greatly impacting the pipeline’s revenue.

A Dirty Little Secret: Case Study On Thermal Flow Meter Calibration For Natural Gas Service

Errors associated with the calibration of flow meters for natural gas service can be costly but can also be mitigated using an advanced flow meter design that allows field-adjustment of the natural gas composition without loss of accuracy.

A Unique Application Measures Flow Of U.S. Emergency Crude

Periodic flow measurement tests on brine disposal lines at the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) used to be a lengthy procedure for divers on the sea floor that often produced less than satisfactory results. In this case study, learn how DM Petroleum Operations Company introduced the FPI Mag flow meter to replace problematic pitot tube meters and improve flow measurement accuracy. 

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