Newsletter | February 17, 2021

02.17.21 -- EIA Releases Short-Term Energy Outlook


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Emergency Shutdown (ESD) Water Hammer Characterization

Upstream oil collection networks have emergency shutdown systems to protect against damage; however, when the trip activates, rapid valve closure can cause water hammer to occur. This can cause mechanical damage to the system and vessels and/or cause relief valves or rupture disks to blow, with safety, reliability, and environmental impacts. The challenge faced by oil and gas operators is being able to proactively detect where water hammer happens to focus re-engineering of emergency shutdown (ESD) and equipment.

Mass Flow Meters In Oil & Gas Applications

Fox Thermal Instruments manufactures highly accurate and repeatable gas flow meters for the oil and gas industry. The Model FT4X was designed for use in upstream oil and gas flare and vent gas applications. Accuracy is compliant with BLM 3175.

New Radar Technology For Solids Level Measurement

In nearly every industry, operators use solids level measurement to track and monitor material stored in large vessels, silos, or tanks. They need to know the value of their inventory and to be able to conduct process monitoring. Key examples include corn milling, grains and powders, cement, wood chips, and even sand used for oil and gas drilling applications. Solids can be challenging to gauge. There are numerous available measuring methods, with varying degrees of accuracy.

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