Brochure | May 6, 2011

Brochure: Electromagnetic Flowmeter FXP4000

Source: ABB Measurement & Analytics

Metering flows in full pipe lines with electromagnetic flowmeters is today’s state of the art. ABB has developed a meter for metering flows in partially full pipe lines – the FXP4000 (PARTI-MAG II).

Its advantages 

  • Metering without inverts – even in pipe lines with large downward slopes
    An invert shaft is no longer necessary. The slopes of existing pipe lines remain unchanged. Your construction-costs are reduced. Back flows have no effect on the measurements. Therefore your system can be operated without limitations or restrictions. 
  • Easy installation, no on-site calibrations required
    The metering system start-up time is minimal. This increases the applicability and reduces your start-up costs.
  •  High accuracy – even for low fill levels 
  • Maintenance free metering system
    No mechanical wear, no added pressure drop, no moving parts or restrictions located in the meter. 
  • Advantageous installation requirements
    Short in- and outlet straight sections (5x DN upstream and 3x DN downstream). Large downward pipe line slopes (up to 5%)