Case Study

Electromagnetic Flowmeter Survives Floods

Source: KROHNE, Inc.

When the Village of Windsor, New York replaced its mechanical flowmeter with an electromagnetic flowmeter in 2003, it was with high hopes that the newer technology would be less prone to failure and require less maintenance. Those high hopes were more than fully realized, as the product was put to the test after being fully submerged in two damaging flood events. The AQUAFLUX electromagnetic flowmeter, provided by KROHNE, performed flawlessly while under the noxious flood waters, even though submersible capabilities had not been one of the intended qualities of the original design.

The Village of Windsor, New York was seeking to replace an older mechanical flowmeter that continually failed and needed constant maintenance. The flowmeter, installed in the Village’s water pump-house, is used at the aquifer source for potable water distribution. It measures the volumetric flowrate of all the water extracted from the wells and pumped into the village distribution system and storage tank. The Village pumps from two 30-Hp submersible wells.