Newsletter | March 11, 2020

03.11.20 -- ExxonMobil Proposes Framework For Industry-Wide Methane Regulations


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Using Optical Gas Imaging To Comply With OOOOa Regulations: A Case Study
By Terence Trefiak, P.E. president, Target Emission Services, FLIR Systems, Inc - Optical Gas Imaging

Natural gas compressor stations have to comply with new EPA regulations on inspection, known as Quad Oa. Optical gas imaging provides an efficient, cost-effective means to meet the requirements.

Thermal Flow Meters For Natural Gas Applications
By Fox Thermal Instruments, Inc.

In addition to rising energy prices, pressure from regulatory agencies to reduce emissions and improve efficiency has spurred manufacturers to engage in submetering.

Key Factors In Picking The Optimal Flow Meter

Making assumptions about a flow meter going into an oil or gas application can lead to an expensive mistake. While a variety of factors impact meter performance, the most common culprits are flawed sizing and failing to choose the most appropriate technology. By more closely accounting for these and other variables, operators can ensure their future flow meter acquisitions are better suited for the job.

Advances In Flow Meter Technology
By Nathan Hedrick, Endress+Hauser, Inc.

This article discusses two trends turning the flowmeter industry on its ear: advances in flowmeter diagnostics and the adoption of smartphone-like technology to improve access and communications.

Recommended Resources
IOMaster FPD510 Compact Integral Orifice Flow Meter

IOMaster is a fully coded, one-piece flow meter that combines the features and benefits of integral orifice metering with a 3- or 5-valve instrument manifold and the latest ABB DP and multivariable transmitters.

Refinery Cooling Water System Maintenance Problem Solved With Hot-Tap Insertion Mag Flow Meter

A large oil and gas refinery located in the southern U.S. along a major river utilizes water from the river for process cooling in its operations. A large amount of water is used in the refining process by the plant that must be treated after use in the plant and then returned to the river. An accurate and low-maintenance flow monitoring system is essential to keep water intake, treatment, and return operational costs as low as possible.

Temperature Measurement Thermometers And Transmitters For The Process Industry

Temperature measuring technology makes crucial contributions to making your processes more reliable and efficient and increasing the quality of the end products. An expansive, globally available portfolio of standard thermometers, temperature transmitters, and engineered solutions makes Endress+Hauser one of the leading international complete providers of temperature measuring technology for process automation.