Newsletter | January 27, 2021

01.27.21 -- Gas Processing Data Analysis From Afar


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Finding Inefficiencies In Your Process Leading To Better Performance And Cost-Savings

Learn how a thermal mass flow meter from Fox Thermal Instruments can help you find inefficiencies in your process, which can lead to better performance and cost-savings.

FTPA2000-HP20 - HF Alkylation Process Acid Analyzer

The ABB HF Alkylation Process Acid Analyzer is an FT-NIR based process analyzer that offers a reliable solution to the problems faced by HF alkylation operators.

The Evolution Of Pipeline Leak Detection

The high rate of false alarms in standard pipeline leak detection systems can force system operators to waste labor chasing down problems that don’t exist. In some instances, false alarms are so prevalent that operators in the field view the detection system as the boy who cried wolf and simply turn the system off. Fortunately, newer technology provides an alternative.

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