Newsletter | May 19, 2021

05.19.21 -- How Better Flow Measurement Underpins Enhanced Pipeline Leak Detection


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Wafer-Cone Flow Meter

The Wafer-Cone flow meter is a differential pressure type flow measurement device. A cone is positioned in the center of the pipe to increase the velocity of the flowing fluid and create a differential pressure. This pressure difference can be measured and used to accurately interpret flow rate. 

Valve Health Diagnostics

Valves are one of the most common assets in the process industry, spanning all verticals. Chemicals, refineries, and petrochemicals, however, will find improved valve health diagnostics useful for critical valves and controllers in their plants, while upstream and midstream oil and gas companies may be focused on much larger, critical valves like pipeline or subsea valves. Using Seeq, process manufacturers are able to implement a condition-based monitoring analysis to monitor valve health across an entire fleet. 

Finding Inefficiencies In Your Process Leading To Better Performance And Cost-Savings

Learn how a thermal mass flow meter from Fox Thermal Instruments can help you find inefficiencies in your process, which can lead to better performance and cost-savings.

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