Newsletter | September 18, 2019

09.18.19 -- IEA Touts U.S. Shale Revolution; Spotlight On Flow Control/Measurement

Featured Articles On Flow Control/Measurement
Webinar: Understanding Cooled vs. Uncooled Optical Gas Imaging
By FLIR Systems, Inc - Optical Gas Imaging

This webinar, hosted by Craig O’Neill, Director of Strategic Business Development for OGI/Oil and Gas Industry at FLIR, is meant to offer a better understanding of the similarities and differences in cooled and uncooled optimal gas imaging (OGI) cameras. Topics discussed will include the science behind the two types of cameras as well as the differences in gas contrast and sensitivity.

The Evolution Of Pipeline Leak Detection

The high rate of false alarms in standard pipeline leak detection systems can force system operators to waste labor chasing down problems that don’t exist. In some instances, false alarms are so prevalent that operators in the field view the detection system as the boy who cried wolf and simply turn the system off. Fortunately, newer technology provides an alternative.

Marine Water Treatment For Oil & Gas: Intentional Maintenance Programs Prevent Violations And Loss Of Revenue
By De Nora

Oil and gas companies, whether in coastal or offshore settings, use water in various stages of production and for drinking and sanitary purposes. Process water, feed water and wastewater requires disinfection and filtration treatment prior to use, reclamation or discharge. Intentional maintenance is critical to safe, effective, and long-lasting marine water treatment equipment.

Recommended Resources
FT4A Thermal Gas Mass Flow Meter

The Fox Model FT4A measures gas flow rate in standard units without the need for temperature or pressure compensation. It provides an isolated 4-20mA output (with a HART option) and a selection of pulse or RS485 Modbus RTU.

Pipeline Crude Pumping Station Solves Flow Measurement Problem With V-Cone Meter

A regional light crude pipeline operator in the mountain states of the U.S. was looking for an economical, accurate method to measure crude inventory flow within its pumping stations. The pipeline operator specializes in transporting partially processed crude to other lines or main terminals.

Refractometer Endurance “Stress” Test

Driven over by an SUV... the extremely robust measuring unit still delivers. The Anton Paar Heavy Duty Refractometers are extremely robust and waterproof.