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12.21.19 -- Increased Efficiency And Safety In Gas Leak Detection

Understanding Filter Methods For
Uncooled Optical Gas Imaging

Optical gas imaging cameras are a critical tool for detecting gas leaks. It is important to understand the capabilities of a cooled camera versus an uncooled camera to ensure customers are making the right investment for their operations. 

This article reviews in detail the new advancements in uncooled detector and spectral filter technology that have opened up new options for individuals who handle gas and need to perform leak detection and repair.
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Thermal Imaging Solutions
for the Oil & Gas Industry

The modern oil and gas industry’s practices — from extraction to refining — are depended on to be socially and environmentally responsible in terms of ecological mindfulness, regulatory compliance, and the safety of both workers and the communities surrounding operations. Thermal imaging, also called infrared (IR) thermography, provides a vehicle toward ensuring all these aims are met.

This article discusses basic concepts of infrared technology and provides specific application examples that detail the advantages of using thermal imaging over alternative technologies or methods.
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High Performance Infrared Camera Solutions

Infrared Cameras For Gas Leak Detection And Electrical Inspections: FLIR GF300/GF320

The FLIR GF300/GF320 cameras are designed for the detection of methane and Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) fugitive emissions that come from the production, transportation, and use of oil and natural gas. These cameras operate by scanning large-scale areas and visualize potential gas leaks in real-time. They are ideal for monitoring plants that are difficult to reach with contact measurement tools. Datasheet: GF300/GF320

Infrared Camera For CO2 Leak Detection: FLIR GF343

The GF343 is an infrared optical gas imaging camera designed to quickly and easily detect CO2 leaks from a safe distance. This non-contact CO2 detection technology helps prevent unplanned outages by permitting the inspection of equipment while it is still online in the course of normal operations. DatasheetGF343

Optical Gas Imaging Camera: FLIR GF620

The FLIR GF620 is an optical gas imaging camera designed to detect and visualize methane and other volatile organic compounds. This high-resolution, high-sensitivity camera features a 640 x 480 IR detector. It is also the first FLIR OGI camera to offer Quantification mode (Q-mode) for streamlined set-up of the optional QL320 gas quantification system. DatasheetGF620
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