Inline Viscometer: L-Vis 510

Source: Anton Paar USA


L-Vis 510 is an inline viscometer which is immersed directly in the production liquid.

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L-Vis 510 is an inline viscometer from Anton Paar which can be immersed directly in the production liquid. It continuously displays the viscosity at the process temperature and reference temperature, allowing 24-hour monitoring of suspensions, lubricants, starch adhesives and many more process liquids. L-Vis 510 can be used to achieve consistent product quality and reduce reject product. Data exported to a controller can be used to keep the production process in a defined viscosity range.

Stable results, even under adverse conditions

  • Drops in pressure or flow rate do not affect the results
  • Ensures consistent product quality and reduces reject product
  • Uses a new measuring principle, only available from Anton Paar
  • Viscosity range covered from 1 to 50,000 mPa.s

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