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07.21.21 -- M&A Hot Streak Returns As 2Q21 Value Reaches $33B


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FT4X Thermal Gas Mass Flow Meter

Every FOX Model FT4X comes equipped with an advanced intrinsic data logger for advanced record-keeping and data retention. Data logging is commonly used in applications such as flare and waste gas monitoring, gas studies, gas royalities and allocation, and gas flow research.

Dura Mag Battery-Powered Electromagnetic Flow Meter
The Dura Mag battery-powered electromagnetic flow meter represents McCrometer's latest innovation in our commitment to advancing solutions for managing water. Whether you're a district manager looking for a solution for multiple points of water measurement; an irrigator, grower, or owner operator looking for just a few points of collecting water data; or a municipal facility looking for a flanged mag meter that is durable and accurate, the Dura Mag is an ideal solution for nearly any water manager.
DryTec FG500 Feeder
This cost-competitive feeder is ideal for food contact water treatment. It can hold up to 95 lbs av. Cl. and treats at a rate of 35 lbs an hour. Since the feeder works with DryTec Food-Grade Briquettes, it is ideally suited for water treatment in fruit and vegetable and irrigation lines. The FG500 is a capital friendly solution that requires no electricity and minimal maintenance.
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24° Fixed Lens OGi Camera For Hazardous Locations: FLIR GFx320
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