Newsletter | August 26, 2020

08.26.20 -- Modified EPA Methane Rules Support Further Emissions Reductions


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Pipeline Crude Pumping Station Solves Flow Measurement Problem With V-Cone Meter

A regional light crude pipeline operator in the mountain states of the U.S. was looking for an economical, accurate method to measure crude inventory flow within its pumping stations. The pipeline operator specializes in transporting partially processed crude to other lines or main terminals.

Truck Haul Analysis

Liquid hydrocarbons are stored at a tank battery after removal from natural gas. The amount stored varies on the production rate from the well-gathering stations. In cases where no pipelines exist, it is necessary to move the liquids to another site by truck. The challenge is to minimize the number of truck hauls (logistics contracts are a business cost) while preventing tank overfills. The analytics developed enabled optimization of truck hauls by scheduling truck hauls in the logistics system based upon the real-time process data at the tank batteries.

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First Uncooled Infrared Camera To Visualize Methane Emissions In Real Time: FLIR GF77
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FLIR Systems, Inc - Optical Gas Imaging
Model FT4A Thermal Mass Flow Meter And Temperature Transmitter
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