Newsletter | March 18, 2020

03.18.20 -- Occidental Reduces Dividend And Capital Spending


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Passing The Buck — The Real Climate Change Hoax
By Bryan Brownlie, De Nora

In a slight change in topic, this is going to be a more general article around why I believe water treatment technologies are so critical, why this industry is so vital, and what depends on the new technologies that this industry generates. We do so much where I work that goes well beyond produced water recycling, and it is all extremely important.

Safety Fieldbus Taking Aim At The Process Industries
By Siemens Energy, Inc. - Water Solutions

As end users discover the benefits of fieldbus with their process automation systems, many are beginning to wonder why they haven't been able to enjoy similar benefits with their safety instrumented systems (SIS). Most customers are reporting that the big benefit of fieldbus is not so much in the upfront installation savings, but in the ongoing operations and maintenance savings made available by advanced diagnostics and asset management tools.

Inspectahire Relies On Optical Gas Imaging For Leak Detection In The Offshore Oil And Gas Industry
By FLIR Systems, Inc - Optical Gas Imaging

Inspectahire is a company that helps customers manage the safety, profitability, and environmental impacts of their assets through remote visual inspection technologies and solutions. The FLIR GFx320 optical gas imaging (OGI) camera is their preferred technology to use when tasked with the detection of fugitive hydrocarbon emissions.

Space-Saving Flow Meter Gets Engineers Out Of Tight Spots
By McCrometer, Inc.

Engineers in a tight spot over where to locate liquid and gas flow meters aboard offshore platforms, FPSO vessels, and sub-sea installations will find the self-conditioning V-Cone® Offshore Flow Meter from McCrometer requires a pipe straight-run that is up to 70-percent less than other meters, resulting in significant real estate and installation cost-savings that can actually exceed the cost of the instrument itself.

Recommended Resources
Precise, Reliable, Trusted Solutions In Gas Flow Measurement

Fox Thermal provides accurate, rugged, and reliable flow meters to industrial OEMs and end-user customers in a wide range of industries — from biotech and food processing operations to utilities and chemical manufacturers.

Field Wide Analysis

Data analysis is changing the landscape of the oil and gas industry. Operators are turning to the power of data to identify operational upsets throughout the field. Separation is one of the cornerstones of upstream operations. When separation problems occur, leading to gas blowby and liquid carryover, engineers need to be alerted of the situation so that they can correct it. Coriolis meters are frequently used because of their ability to tolerate sand, debris, and gas coming out of solution.

DM Petroleum Operations Relies On FPI Mag Flow Meter For Tough U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve Application

New tests recently performed by DM Petroleum Operations Company with the FPI Mag® Flow Meter from McCrometer continue to confirm the flow meter’s accurate performance and reliability on two rugged Texas brine disposal lines supporting the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR).

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