Newsletter | April 17, 2019

04.17.19 -- Oil And Gas M&A Deal Values Crash


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  Solving Difficult Level And Flow Measurement Problems In Crude Oil Production Processes

Oil producers often deal with troublesome applications including water carry over into the oil leg of separators, entrained gas in oil and water legs, emulsion layers inside the separator, varying densities, and remote areas. These concerns can be difficult for traditional instrumentation to measure, but modern level and flow instruments have been developed to successfully address these issues. Learn more.


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Featured Articles
Best Filtering Practices For Accurate Fired Furnace Tube Measurement
By Jonas Wijk, FLIR Systems, Inc.

Thermal imaging is an ideal non-contact inspection tool for tubes inside a working oil-refining furnace, but performing temperature measurement through flames is challenging. Fortunately, new filtering techniques are improving the accuracy of such measurements.

Passing The Buck — The Real Climate Change Hoax
By Bryan Brownlie, De Nora
In a slight change in topic, this is going to be a more general article around why I believe water treatment technologies are so critical, why this Industry is so vital, and what depends on the new technologies that this industry generates. We do so much where I work that goes well beyond produced water recycling, and it is all extremely important.
Horizontal Drilling With Hydraulic Fracturing Of Gas Wells
By Lonnie Barker

Horizontal drilling started back in 1929, and hydraulic fracking began in 1949. However, it was not until 2003 that the horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracking processes were combined to extract gas from the Barnett Shale in Northern Texas. Since then, gas drilling has increased by 14 times in the United States. Given the vast shale formations throughout the United States, drilling will continue to increase for several more years.

Automating Wellpad Operations In The Oil And Gas Industry
By ABB Measurement & Analytics

The advent of horizontal drilling and fracture techniques now permits the possibility of smaller environmental footprints for oil and natural gas production.

Recommended Resources
A Unique Application Measures Flow Of U.S. Emergency Crude

Periodic flow measurement tests on brine disposal lines at the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) used to be a lengthy procedure for divers on the sea floor that often produced less than satisfactory results. In this case study, learn how DM Petroleum Operations Company introduced the FPI Mag Flow Meter to replace problematic pitot tube meters and improve flow measurement accuracy. 

FT4X Thermal Gas Mass Flow Meter Datasheet

Every FOX Model FT4X comes equipped with an advanced intrinsic data logger for advanced record-keeping and data retention. Data logging is commonly used in applications such as flare and waste gas monitoring, gas studies, gas royalties and allocation, and gas flow research.

BALPURE Ballast Water Treatment Brochure

The Type-Approved BALPURE system is a reliable and flexible treatment solution for aquatic invasive species.

Complete Flow Solutions: The Right Flow Instrument For Every Application

Industry 4.0 stands poised to benefit your operations in enormous ways. With unparalleled control and access, you now have complete knowledge of what’s happening in your plant at all times.