Newsletter | November 11, 2021

11.11.21 -- Optical Gas Imaging's Impact On Safety

Using Optical Gas Imaging To Comply With OOOOa Regulations: A Case Study

Natural gas compressor stations have to comply with new EPA regulations on inspection, known as Quad OA. Optical gas imaging provides an efficient, cost-effective means to meet the requirements.

How Optical Gas Imaging Tools Promote A Culture Of Safety

Safety should be a core value within any operation dealing with potentially hazardous gases. Organizations that work with gas that can cause injury should seek to integrate effective and efficient technologies that ensure safe operational practices. Recent advancements in optical gas imaging (OGI) technology has enabled such companies to improve and reinforce their cultures of safety.

How Optical Gas Imaging Benefits A Low-Carbon Economy And Corporate ESG Reporting

Optical gas imaging cameras are a versatile tool, promoting efficient facility operations and responsible corporate citizenship by quickly identifying gas leaks, confirming vented emissions, and accurately quantifying both.

Enabling Remote Tank Level Monitoring And Gas Detection

Colorado is a large producer of oil and gas in the United States, and the state’s new regulations mandate a higher level of emissions monitoring and environment protection. As a result, oil and gas producers in Colorado are seeking a smart solution that utilizes the benefits of thermal imaging and artificial intelligence for remote tank level monitoring and gas detection around the clock.