Newsletter | September 29, 2021

09.29.21 -- Shell To Sell Permian Interest To ConocoPhillips


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Mass Flow Meters In Oil & Gas Applications
Fox Thermal Instruments manufactures highly accurate and repeatable gas flow meters for the oil and gas industry. The Model FT4X was designed for use in upstream oil and gas flare and vent gas applications. Accuracy is compliant with BLM 3175.
Refinery Cooling Water System Maintenance Problem Solved With Hot-Tap Insertion Mag Flow Meter
A large oil and gas refinery located in the southern U.S. along a major river utilizes water from the river for process cooling in its operations. A large amount of water is used in the refining process by the plant that must be treated after use in the plant and then returned to the river.
Multi-Phase Flow Meter (MPFM) Analysis

Multi-phase flow meters are important for well surveillance and production allocation where there is multiple ownership. It is therefore important to track the accuracy of multi-phase flow meters, identify issues, and ensure rapid corrective action. Read more to learn how the Seeq tools were used to analyze and monitor performance.

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