Newsletter | October 16, 2019

10.16.19 -- Spotlight On Treatment Systems


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Featured Articles On Treatment Systems
Aquafine OptiVenn Series: Industrial Ultraviolet (UV) Water Treatment — Video
From Trojan Technologies

This video gives an introduction and overview of the unique features and benefits of the new Aquafine OptiVenn UV Disinfection System. The OptiVenn series is a family of robust and flexible UV systems with advanced technology designed to meet the stringent requirements of pharmaceutical, food and beverage, microelectronics, and other industrial markets.

Water Solutions' Wet Air Regeneration System
From Siemens Energy, Inc. - Water Solutions

The Siemens PACT System integrates powdered activated carbon adsorption in biological wastewater treatment into a single process. It is used around the world to produce high-quality effluent that, in many cases, allows for beneficial reuse for difficult-to-treat wastewater streams.

Recommended Resources
Adding Value With Analytics

The oil and gas industry, like many others, is collecting and storing ever larger volumes of data. Although, there is value in this data, it is often difficult to unearth using conventional analysis tolls such as spreadsheets. To address this issue, new data analytics software platforms are being introduced specifically to deal with time-series data.

Refinery Cooling Water System Maintenance Problem Solved With Hot-Tap Insertion Mag Flow Meter

A large oil and gas refinery located in the southern U.S. along a major river utilizes water from the river for process cooling in its operations. A large amount of water is used in the refining process by the plant that must be treated after use in the plant and then returned to the river. An accurate and low-maintenance flow monitoring system is essential to keep water intake, treatment, and return operational costs as low as possible.

Natural Gas Processing Brochure

Separators are large drums designed to separate well streams into their individual components. They are commonly designed to separate two-phase (gas/liquid) or three-phase (gas/crude/water) well streams.