Newsletter | June 9, 2020

06.09.20 -- The New Flow: Game-Changing Ultrasonic, Coriolis Meter Benefits

How Better Flow Measurement Underpins Enhanced Pipeline Leak Detection

Ultrasonic and Coriolis flow meters are generally the most accurate technologies to support pipeline leak detection systems, which is critical because the better the metering, the better the detection sensitivity.

Navigating The Challenge Of Large-Diameter Flow Meter Installation

Generating accurate flow measurements in bulk transfer situations such as pipelines is a critical but often difficult task that requires large-diameter meters. Older mechanical metering technology tends to drift over time, rendering it less accurate and reliable. By comparison, Coriolis meters have a distinct advantage because they directly measure mass flow — so they are not affected by changes in temperature or pressure, the factors that have an impact on volume.

The Benefits Of Advanced Diagnostics To Extend Gas Flow Measurement Calibration

Custody transfer in natural gas applications has traditionally been performed by mechanical devices, such as turbine meters, which are easily damaged by contaminants and high-flow velocities that stress the moving parts. Not only do these issues impact long-term accuracy and reliability, mechanical meters don’t offer good diagnostic data to ensure their health and performance, so there is no way to diagnose issues without offline calibration.

Compatibility Of New Ultrasonic Meters With Small Provers Opens Use For Liquid Custody Transfer

The benefits of using ultrasonic flow meters for liquid custody transfer are vast: reduced pressure loss, minimum pumping costs, no moving parts, no spare parts and maintenance costs, independent of fluid properties, no change in performance over time, lower prover usage, and less wear and tear.