White Paper

Thermal Mass Flow Meters Help Reduce Energy Costs And Enhance Emissions Monitoring Systems

Source: Fox Thermal Instruments, Inc.

By Rich Cada, VP Sales & Marketing, Fox Thermal Instruments, Inc.

Accurate, repeatable measurement of air and process gases is a key factor in improving accountability, productivity, and energy management processes.

The thermal mass flow meter’s ability to deliver a direct reading of mass flow rates of air, natural gas and other fuel gases provides a simple, reliable, and cost-effective method for tracking and reporting fuel consumption.

Accurate, repeatable measurement of air and gas, at low and varying flow rates, is also a critical variable in combustion control. Conventional flow meters require pressure and temperature transmitters to compensate for density changes. The thermal mass flow meter, however, measures gas mass flow directly, with no need for additional hardware. The thermal meter also provides better rangeability and a lower pressure drop than orifices, venturis, or turbine meters.