Datasheet | May 9, 2011

Datasheeet: Thermal Mass Flowmeter Sensyflow FMT400

Source: ABB Measurement & Analytics

Sensyflow FMT400-VTS/-VTCS is a compact mass flow meter for gases and gas mixtures. It is available as Sensyflow FMT400-VTS/-VTCS for use in process applications, and as Sensyflow FMT400-VTS/-VTCS with an hygienic design. The 24 V powered instrument supplies 0(4)..20mA directly from the sensor head. Sensyflow pipe accessories ensure the sensor is located in the optimum position within the process.

  • 0(4)..20 mA directly from the sensor
  • very low installation costs
  • huge turn-down ratio of 1:100
  • quick response time
  • Certifications: CSA, DVGW, CE, Ex Zone 2